The Romance Of The Flowers

      When people think about romance, they think about candlelit dinners, chocolates and of course flowers. Flowers mean many different things. Some use them as an apology, thank you, get well or even a final goodbye to the deceased. However flowers are more commonly thought of as a romantic gesture. Plus as they're used in wedding ceremonies it stands to reason that flowers are for the romantic at heart.

      What some people may not know, though perhaps many already do, is that each flower has a different meaning. Thus making some flowers a bit less romantic when one stops to consider the meaning behind a particular flower and its color.

What's Important About Choosing The Right Flower?

      What's important, is selecting not only they type of flower, but also the color. Every flower and every color has an individual meaning. When choosing a flower or a bouquet of various flowers one should really stop to consider the meaning.

     Some people may not be aware of the meaning, but just in case they are. The individual who the recipient of said flowers could also look up the meanings. Thus it's best to plan ahead in the selection of the flowers. That way one can avoid a possible disaster. Not everyone will get upset of course when they discover the meaning, but that doesn't mean they're not thinking about it. That's where the 10 most romantic flowers comes in.

Flowers You Can't Go Wrong With

Red Rose

    Red Rose(98234)Credit: Wikimedia Commons  First place goes to the red rose, for everyone is aware of this particular flowers meaning. It means love, not just any love, but passionate love. Not one Valentine's Day has seen no red roses given to a lover at all. There's always at least one person purchasing half a dozen, a dozen, perhaps even two or three dozen red roses for their beloved. Perhaps it is their color which led to their romantic meaning as the heart is red. The heart represents feelings, like that of love. Making the red rose the symbol of those feelings of love straight from the heart.

Red Tulip

Red TulipCredit: Wikimedia commons      After the red rose, people generally decide to purchases flowers that their beloved prefer. Yet there are other flowers with romantic meanings. One of those other flowers is red, but it isn't a rose. It's a tulip. This is because what the red tulip represents is the declaration of love.

      Some people find it difficult to speak the words, but that doesn't mean they don't love the person they're with. One who is having trouble might want to consider purchasing a red tulip or more, or maybe planting an entire bed of red tulips. Then once they've done that, give their beloved a website to go to that says what red tulips mean. It's a silent declaration of love, but its still a declaration. Whether a person has difficulty declaring their feelings, red tulips are still romantic and may be a cheaper alternative to the roses. Of course mixing them together never hurt.

Yellow Tulip

Yellow TulipCredit: Wikimedia Commons      There's another tulip with a romantic meaning behind it. That is the yellow tulip, for it means the giver is hopelessly in love with the recipient. Although if the person giving the flower to their sweetheart, or anyone else doesn't know the meaning, then who knows what it means. Not only are yellow tulips romantic, they help to brighten up a room.

     Giving someone a yellow tulip is a wonderful romantic gesture. Whether its ones first silent declaration of love, or a ten year anniversary gesture of those feelings still continuing. A wife, or husband for that matter who receives a yellow tulip will have them smiling, particularly if they know the meaning behind the flower.


     Ambrosia too is a romantic flower with its silent statement telling the recipient that their love is returned by the one they love. Someone with an ambrosia flower ready can hand it to the one who declares their love for them. In fact it might be quite interesting if one person were to give the other a red tulip and they receive back an ambrosia flower.

     Recall that the red tulip is a declaration of love, the ambrosia flower would be the most romantic of silent answers. It'd probably work well for those who understand a little bit about the language of flowers, for not all flowers given are a romantic gesture. At least not when one stops to consider their message.


      The arbutus flower's romantic message is that the giver is stating that the only one they love, is the recipient of the arbutus. It is a sweet message, silent though it may be. Some prefer to keep their messages hidden from others and may hope that the recipient knows not of the language of flowers. Not that, that information isn't available to anyone willing and able to look it up online. Dependent on of course the village, town, city or country in which a person may live. It doesn't make the arbutus any less meaningful, but it would be sad for someone to be given an arbutus and not know what it represents.


Forget-Me-NotCredit: wikimedia commons      A forget-me-not can also be romantic, although depending on the situation, it could also have a tragic feel to it. The meaning of a forget-me-not is that the giver hopes that they'll not be forgot by the one they love. Perhaps its after a date, or given to a loved one before work. The flower also represents true love.

     True love is rare, so that it may allow the forget-me-not to jump ahead of the other romantic flowers, even ahead of the red rose. Once one has found their true love, its no wonder they would like to not be forgotten, come what may. Life is always full of surprises and forget-me-nots are also sometimes left on graves. Perhaps in hopes that the ones left behind on Earth are not forgotten by their true love who has gone beyond their reach. Sometimes, the most romantic of romances are those which end in tragedy.