6 Steps for Men to Having a Great first Blind Date
By Kristian Gellibert

Have you ever wondered why she never called you after your first date? Everything seemed perfect, you talked, you laughed, you had things in common, and I mean what is it? Women are very "in tune" to what men do. Maybe you didn't open the door for her when getting in your car. Maybe she noticed that you had wondering eyes. Admit it guys our eyes are like radars for detecting whatever walks in high heels. I have gathered up 10 things you can do to raise your chances of passing the "first date status"

1) Find out little facts. Your friend tells you "you should meet." In your mind you're probably going "Oh no not another blind date ". Instead of being negative about it, make a change; find out little facts about the person before making any assumptions'. Find out if she likes flowers (which most girls do), or chocolate, or a bottle of wine. This helps with that little thing called interest. Going out of your way to find out more about her will surely get you some brownie points, and when the big night comes around it will definitely go off in a good start.

2) Start preparing. Preparation is crucial to having a great blind date. Find out what's around you, what restaurants have good ratings. If you did step #1 you should probably know what she likes to eat, so go find that sushi or Italian restaurant. Make sure that you have good clothes. If you only wear black t-shirts and shorts, then take a day off from work and visit your local mall. Button up shirt, nice jeans, shoes (not sneakers) and a sport jacket is more than enough. If you can accommodate all then a nice shirts will do just fine, but make sure you have jeans and shoes to go with it.

3) Hygiene Ok guys we need to admit we stink! We don't like showering cause we are lazy or shaving cause it hurts, but if we are to be successful we need to practice good hygiene. Defiantly shave 3 hours before your date. I say this to make sure you are baby bottom smooth. If you shave the day before you're going to have a rough face. Make sure you carry a pack of gum or mint in your pocket, you don't want to be turned down due to bad breath, also if you smoke, don't do it on your date. It's rude, and you guys haven't gotten to really know each other yet, so tell that monkey on your shoulder to take the night off.

4) Be on time There is nothing worse than being late to a date, especially if it's the first one and with someone you never met before. Think of it as a job interview. You told the CEO of a company that your will be there eat a certain time, but your running late because you ran into traffic. Most likely he's going to tell you not to even come in. Same way goes for a woman. That shows you're not dependent, shows irresponsibly and shows that if you say you're going to do something, you don't follow through. So please be on time, there is nothing wrong with being early either, like I always say "being early is being on time, being on time is being late".

5) Be yourself There's isn't a bigger turn-off to a woman than you acting. You're not starring in the new Twilight movie so just stop it! Just be yourself, because then after wards you're going to have to keep up that act and then you're going to get tired and if you get passed the first date and actually start dating, then she will realize that she's is dating a different person.

6) Practice being a Gentleman/Manners Ok this part is a lot. Open the doors for her when you're getting in and out of the car, at the restaurant, pull her chair. Practice table manners please. Don't talk with your mouth full, don't reach, elbows down. I mean it's really rude to do all those things, and it's not attractive. Pay attention to what she's saying,. Also put the blackberries and the Iphones' away!!! There is no need for that, you might like what you hear. Next, if you're a drinker try to limit yourself, remember, you're trying to give a good impression. You don't want to get blasted and make a fool of yourself. As far as the bill, this part can be tricky due to the fact that some women actually prefer going Dutch so they won't feel obligated. So don't offer to pay the bill, or announce it to the whole world, be discreet. Afterwards, at the end of the night, when your taking her home and you leave her at her house, be respectful, don't jump the gun. A handshake, hug or kiss on the cheek is good enough. It shows emotion; also you show you respect her as a woman and person. And finally, please guys "do not kiss and tell" I repeat do not kiss and tell. It is very disrespectful, keep your night to yourself until that follow-up text next couple of days. And there you have the 6 steps to having a successful first date, follow these steps and you're a shoe-in for the second one.