6 steps to committing to a healthy lifestyle
Credit: morguefile

     Self awareness This first step is one of the most important of all. You must realize you need the courage to be honest with yourself and those around you. Be honest about what you want, and why you would like to change some things in your life. Being self-aware is very important, because to understand there are changes that need to be made. You have to admit or see within yourself that there is something in your life that is not working for you or holding you back from your highest potential.

 Desire- We should not deprive ourselves or beat ourselves up emotionally for our shortcomings or areas we are working to improve. As long as something can be changed and you have the awareness and the want to change, that’s awesome! Make a list of your best personal attributes and your worst attributes. Or just whatever the changes are that you would like to make.  Don’t focus on the negative qualities so much that they bring you down, but do look to correct your negative qualities. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to change everything at once. We all have to take a look at our own habits and behavior. Everything we do is not or will not always be perfect. If there is a habit or behavior that is holding you back from progress. The desire to change has to outweigh the fear to change.

      Will to change- There are many definitions for “Will”, but today I’ll use a definition from the American Heritage Dictionary. Will is the power to arrive at one’s own decision and to act upon it independently in spite of opposition. So that means you have made the commitment to change. There is nothing or no one that you can shift blame to for not following through with your commitment and will to change. Don’t let anything stop you. When we begin to make excuses for not following through with the actions needed for the change to take place. This is when you are not making the commitment to change.You need to have the will to change.

Change bad habits -when you finally begin to start to take action to make the necessary changes in your life, making a list may be a good idea. The commitment to change behavior or habits, may become difficult to stick with. If you do not replace it with something more positive or productive, you may find yourself going back to the old behavior or habit. When you decide to stop some of your old habits and behavior, make sure that you replace it with something else more positive or productive to make sure the habit becomes regular routine behavior.

 Eliminate the  negative   This may seem difficult, because some people have participated in negative behavior and negative thinking for so long that it becomes second nature. It would be counterproductive continue negative behavior and negative thinking once you decide you would like to change your lifestyle. Eliminate self-defeating thinking by replacing those thoughts with something more positive. Eliminate self-defeating behavior by replacing them with behaviors that are going to help your life’s purpose. Everyone knows that misery loves company. Eliminate those negative people from your life. You may have to limit your contact and learn to define your boundaries. Remember, this is your life. You are living it, be proud of yourself, love yourself.

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