A lot of people have problems with anger management and this creates more problems to their daily life's. Anger management is a technique that can be master by everyone and improve the quality of life. You can identify if you suffer from this syndrome if one or more of the symptoms below are true for you:

1. You get angry easily
2. You feel that people make you angry
3. When you are angry the felling does not go away easily
4. You feel that everything that is happening is done just to make you angry

If you are in this category of people then you should look for ways on how to manager anger. Some tips to help you out:

1. Find out what actually triggers your anger. Is it a particular event, some other person, a situation or something that someone said? Once you know what makes you angry then think of how you can avoid it. Most of the times the way we think about something is what makes us angry. Try to see things from an independent view. It is reasonable to get angry for those things? Maybe you should change your way of thinking and become more optimistic about some things.

2. Do not expect that everything should be done in the way you want. When you have this view then you can easily get angry when things do not turn out as you want. Accept the fact the people are different and may have other views about certain matters. Have faith that when someone disagrees with you it is not just to irritate you.

3. Relax. Apply simple relation techniques to ease your anger. Practice deep breathing exercises, yoga, imagine that live in a paradise island and relax.

4. Think logically. Logic thought fights anger. Anger does not help you think rational. Angry people want things to be done their way. Who does not want that? We all do. You just have to realize that this is not always possible. This does not mean that you should not be demanding, it simply means that you have to use rationalization and compromise.

5. Keep reminding yourself that anger is not going to solve any problem and it will not make you fill better but most of times it will make you feel worse.

6. If your anger is due to problems then create an action plan that will help you solve those problems. For example if you get angry in the morning because of traffic, then find a solution to this. Wake up half an hour earlier or take the bike to go to work. There are ways to solve your problems. You just need to be rational and spend some time to solve them.