You can easily overcome writers block using one or more of these techniques. They work for me and I hope they work for you if you are not already using one or more of these methods.

Scan Forums- Find a forum. It does not matter if the forum is about cars, travel, or any other topic. Find a forum through a Google search and then scan the forums. Don't read the threads, simply read the titles of each thread. Write down all of the thread titles that interest you and you think you could write an article about.

I use this method a lot. I don't read the threads because I do not want to subconsciously plagiarize. I do however scan various forums and gather a large list of article titles. I then write some article. Scanning forums for titles is a great way to beat writers block.

Break Studios- Break Studios is a great way to earn some upfront cash. They pay you $8.00 per article and the articles have to be at least 250 words long. When you are scanning the available titles at Break Studios you may find some articles you want to write but you do not like the format that Break Studios wants you to use for that particular article.

Go ahead and write the article in the format that YOU want to write it in. You can then submit it to InfoBarrel.

Text Broker- TextBroker is funny at times. You can find an article title that stimulates you into wanting to write this particular article but when you click on the details you see the client simply wants some keyword stuffing for SEO and does not care about the actual substance of the article. You can instead write a longer article however you want and then submit it to InfoBarrel where you will earn money on it long after you have written it.

Watching television can be very helpful to coming up with new articles to write about. Keep a pen and notebook by you when watching TV. Inspiration can come in many ways.

  • Does Extense really work?
  • What Is the Funniest Sitcom Ever?
  • 10 Stupid Commercials

Whether you are watching a reality TV show, the news, or even an infomercial you will come up with some great ideas for articles. TV does not have to be a waste of time.
Children- Children say the darndest things. They also ask some damned good questions. "Dad, how do light bulbs work"? Kids are always asking interesting questions and many times you will not know the answer. The questions from your kids can be excellent titles for you to research and write out.

Variations- If you like a topic then why not write some variations of it while still producing unique content? If you like motorcycles then you could write:
You could easily write a lot of articles quickly using this technique as long as you are interested in the topic.

Keep a Notebook Handy
If you always have a notebook with you so you can write down article ideas anytime you have an idea. Many times when you come up with a great idea for an article you will also be able to come up with many variations of the same article. If you keep a notebook with you and your ears open you will soon have more article ideas then you will ever need. Your list of article ideas will grow faster than you can write them all. A writers Utopia where writers block no longer exists!