Jailhouse Coffee
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     Coffee is a beverage enjoyed all over the planet. The reason, caffeine, one of the most addicting substances in the world. It hooks you like a street drug would, a chemical substance that elevates your heart rate and changes your emotional state. People who drink coffee in the morning tend to be talkative, hyper and moody. It can be difficult to work with them, as they exhibit similar symptoms to a common drug addiction; withdraw, constant need, mood changing as the level of caffeine changes in their bodies. How many times have you heard “Don t talk to me until I have my coffee” or “I’m not awake until I have had my coffee”? No one bats an eye even though it is an addicting drug. Could you imagine “I'm not myself until I use my street drug” in the office? It does not seem likely. Coffee is also very acidic having a negative effect on your stomach in the same way that street drugs damage other parts of your body yet leave you wanting more. Horrible breath and brown teeth are another couple of coffees benefits, effecting how people see you and interact with you. Well enough! Here are six ways to help you kill your craving for coffee!

  • Drink a hot beverage in the morning. This will help you not miss that morning ritual of preparing the coffee. There are many types of decaf chai, black and green teas that are fabulous. There is also a type of celestial seasonings tea that tastes quite similar to coffee called Roastaroma, if your missing the taste.

  • Drink lots of water. Water will flush out your system and replace the constant sipping on coffee that you might miss. Keep a water bottle handy and just tap into it whenever you feel like you want that feeling of drinking something. Eventually you will grow to love the water and it will energize you.

  • Juice! Get a juicer and start juicing. Replace your morning coffee with pure vitamins and minerals and you will have more energy and feel great. You can make any kind of juice you want but stay away from the chocolate unless it is pure cacao, the store bought stuff has caffeine in it. You can find it in any health food store.

  • Take showers. Your body will start to detox after a couple of days without the caffeine. It does this by sweating it out of your body so you end up with a coating of discarded caffeine coating your skin. Washing it off every day will keep your skin fresh and help your body detox by removing the discarded material.

  • Get outside. Going outside in the fresh air and hopefully sunshine will invigorate your and help your body detox through breathing fresh air. If you get out and just walk and get your blood flowing its great for your health, your waistline and helps you get off the caffeine.

  • Get plenty of sleep. Getting plenty of sleep will help your body re charged, refresh and you wont get that tired feeling so much due to the lack of caffeine. You want to aim for at least eight to nine hours of sleep every night. If you can't do that perhaps you might have to go to be a little earlier in order to be ready for the next day.

      So you can see there are at least six ways you can make your transition from coffee drinker much easier. Your body chemistry will soon normalize and you will actually feel more energy then when you piled on the coffee. Being healthy also does not burn you out like coffee does if you drink too much. So take care, take it easy and enjoy your healthier, coffee free, life. Break free!