Have you ever wanted a room to get away from everything? You know, a quiet place where you could do whatever you wanted without having anyone bother your or tell you to stop. Well, I was looking for a place to set-up another TV so that I could watch sports with my buddies without upsetting my wife. Well, all of the rooms were being used in my house, but the garage was up for grabs. Looked like a great room to get everything I needed.

But, I'm not great with my hands and I had no money to pay a contractor. So, I researched online and visited my local home depot pick up tips and prepare my own diy garage conversion plan. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty long process (about 2 months) to hammer out the details, but I was able to pull it off with a few bumps and bruises.

One of the first things you need to is make sure that conversion blends into the overall interior decorating of the rest of your house. If you ever want to sell your home, it'll be a hard sell if potential buyers walk into a room that is entirely different from the rest of the house. If they want to change the decor after they buy the house from you at the price you set, great. But don't have them negotiating the price down because they don't like the garage conversion you did.

I made a quick overview of the steps I carried out to convert my garage:

First Step: Your Garage Door

First, you'll need to decide what to do with your garage door. I kept my garage door, but you might want to take it out and fill it so that it looks just like any other room in your house. I decided to keep it because I didn't have the skills to convert it a wall, and I wanted to give potential buyers the option of converting it back to a normal garage if they didn't like what I did with it.

Second Step: The Garage Floor

More than likely, your garage floor is uninsulated concrete slab like mine. Mine is a sloped a little towards the garage door. The guy at Home Depot told me that it was sloped so that water could flow out of the garage towards the driveway and not just site in your garage. Made sense to me. I didn't even out the floor, sense I want to give a potential buyer of my house the option of converting it back to a normal garage. I did curb the garage door though, to prevent rain and snow from entering underneath the garage door.

Third Step: Heating and Cooling

Now, you need to find out whether your heating/cooling extend to your garage. More than likely it doesn't. But it is possible to extend your heating/cooling into your garage if you hire a contractor, or you're good with your hands. Again, I wanted to avoid all of that, so I purchased two electric garage heaters to keep the guys warm during football season and so far it's been working out great. I also insulated my garage walls to keep it cooler during the summer and retain heat during the winter.

Fourth Step: Electrical Wiring

I didn't do this portion myself. I hired a contractor to add one 20-amp circuit to my home. He used an underground conduit to run the wires to the garage.

Fifth Step: Plumbing

This was incredibly intimidating, so I'm leaving it alone until I can save some money and hire a plumber. For now, we all go into the house and use the restroom downstairs when we needed to. After talking with the guy at Home Depot, and researching it online, I could tell I would ruin my home's plumbing if I tried to do it myself. But, from everything I've been told, it's definitely possible.

Sixth Step: Parking and Storage

Going through this whole process allowed me to finally clean out my garage. All of the boxes and stuff that accumulated over the years. FYI, I didn't know this before, but they charge you throw you stuff out at the dump. I was not-so pleasantly surprised when this happened. But, it was worth it to get all of that stuff out of my life.

As for my car, I never parked it in my garage. Well, I parked it in there for the first week I purchased the home, then all of my junk fill it up after that. So, I continued to parking it on the street.

Seventh Step: Interior Decorating

Like I said before, I plan on selling my home in the near future so I wanted it to match the interior decorating of the entire house. So I installed the same lighting fixtures that are inside the house, and matched the paint color also. I did little things that didn't change the overall structure of the garage, so that the new owners can convert back to a normal garage if they want to. But for now, it's my personal football watching room and I'm enjoying every minute of it. =0)