Today, while there are not as many people that can really remember the 70s, however, it was a time full of good 70s music. If you are a product of the 70s or a fan of the 70s, you need to check out the top 10 love songs from the 70s. You will really appreciate all the great 70s love songs out there, here are 10 of the best 70s love songs that are out there.

1.       “Reason to Believe” – Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells a Story

The song “Reason to Believe” was actually written and recorded by Tim Hardin, not Rod Stewart. But, fact of the matter is, when it comes to this song, Rod Stewart is the one that made it famous. This is a great 70s love song and is definitely on that list of great love songs from the 70s. You’ll love the greatness of this song and how it sounds. Rod Stewart is a great singer and is a great creator of love songs, even though he didn’t create this love song, it still sounds amazing and is definitely a song that you want to have on your list of love songs from the 70s.

2.       “The Best of My Love” – The Eagles – On the Border

With the song “Best of My Love” by the Eagles, you are getting a touching love song by this country-rock band. You will find that this song is done with the great Don Henley singing lead vocals and is definitely a love song that was a hit throughout the 70s. You’ll love the beat and the passion in these 70s love songs and you’ll enjoy how ay this song flows and the lyrics that have so much meaning throughout the song. Add this to great love songs from the 70s and enjoy listening to Don Henley sing to you.

3.       “Mandy” – Barry Manilow – Looking Glass

This Barry Manilow song was actually put out under the original name “Brandy” by a different singer. However, Barry Manilow adopted the song a few years later and changed the name because there was a similarly titled song on the market at that time. So, what Barry did with 70s love songs like “Mandy” is that he turned them into huge hits that people absolutely loved an songs that have lasted for years instead of being one hit wonders.

4.       “Three Times a Lady” – Commodores – Natural High

What lady out there does not love to hear a song about how much of a lady that they are. You will find that the Commodores did a great song with the love songs of the 70s that touch on this. Check this great song out that was a huge hit on the adult contemporary chart and one that has definitely been around for years. The Commodores did a great job with this song and really touched the hearts of a lot of people looking for 70s music that had to do with love and appreciation for a beautiful female.

5.       “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” – James Taylor – Mud Slide Slime and the Blue Horizon

With James Taylor, you aren’t exactly getting those 70s love songs that people think of or that traditional 70s music. However, with the love songs of the 70s, you can’t forget about this song. Whether it is a father daughter dance at a wedding or something else, this is a song to really appreciate and to take as a great love song over time. A great song, with a calm beat, you’ll appreciate it.

6.       “If You Leave Me Now” – Chicago – Chicago X

If you are looking for a true 70s love song that is a rock ballad, you need to check out this song by Chicago. You will find that “If You Leave Me Now” is a beautiful song that is written and sung by the bass guitar player, which is actually something that is a bit different. This was one of the biggest singles in the history of Chicago, and a love song that over time has continued to be played and brought joy and happiness to people.

7.       “Just the Way You Are” – Billy Joel – The Stranger

If you are interested in great 70s love songs, you need to check out “Just the Way You Are”. You will find that this song really has some great lyrics to you and should mean a lot to the person that you are expressing your love to. Make sure that you are taking a look at this song off a great album by Billy Joel and love these 70s love songs.

8.       “Let’s Stay Together” – Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

Al Green is a great R&B singer that has made some great 70s love songs. One of the best songs that he created was “Let’s Stay Together”. This is a song that has some great meaning to it and is definitely a quality song that you should check into and see what is out there. You’ll love this song and the meaning that it has.

9.       “Maybe I’m Amazed” – Paul McCartney – McCartney

The great thing about “Maybe I’m Amazed” is that this song was actually dedicated and written for his wife Linda, so it definitely has that meaning of being a 70s love song. When Paul joined the band Wings, he actually toured and sang this song and it became a top 10 hit. This is a great song and you’ll love the meaning that has and sharing it with someone that you care about.

10.   “Your Song” – Elton John – Love Songs

Elton John definitely has created a lot of beautiful songs and when you look at 70s love songs, this is one of them. Be sure that you are looking at this song and dedicate it to the one that you love so that you can make them feel special by giving them their song. Be sure that you look at this 70s music and know that the meaning can make someone feel really special.