I tell you, when you wear a disco-cool 70's Halloween costumes, there's no way that you aren't going to go noticed. These costumes for adults grab attention. And unlike a lot of other options, they've got style. They've got a groove. They've even got a walk. Few options for Halloween clothing match it.

So if you're into turning your neighborhood into the ultimate disco floor, or if you've got a hip 70's theme party to attend, check out my five favorite disco-related 70's Halloween costumes for adults. No hippies here. Also no 70's rockers or early computer nerds. This is all about the groove and the funk. You'll be strutting down the street looking like a million bucks (in 70's money even!)California Costumes Men's Saturday Night Fever Costume

So pull out the hair products, put on your dancing shoes, and let's get started. Take a look at my top five:

The John Travolta "Saturday Night Fever" Disco God

Better practice the pose if you go here.

California Costumes Men's Saturday Night Fever Costume, White/Black, Large
Amazon Price: $49.99 $25.70 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 13, 2014)

Perhaps the most famous disco costume of all. John Travolta turned this white and black wide-collared suit into a historic icon via Saturday Night Fever. This costume comes with required poses and dance moves, so if you're groovy enough to pull it off, start practicing! Watch the clip below and get the strut and groove down. 

The set comes with most of what you need: the pants, the vest (with the black collar attached), and the suit jacket. You'll need to supply your own hip 70's black disco shoes to complete the look. This is a machine washable costume, so caring for it is a breeze. This way, you can reprise you role for a few Halloween nights or have it at the ready for any 70's disco party that comes your way!

Video Practice: Get the John Travolta strut and dance moves down

The Disco Hair Option

Also known as the Farrah hair. "Charlie's Angels" is an option.

Fashion Wig, Déjà Vu Blonde
Amazon Price: $15.99 $11.02 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 13, 2014)

Blonde De Ja Vu Wig - Adult Std.This isn't a full costume, it's just a wig. But the hair is so famous that it's pretty much a costume unto itself! Just pair it with a red tank top and 70's flair jeans, and you've nearly got the famous Farrah Fawcett poster down pat. She posed in a red swimsuit, a little more racy than jeans. But however you pair it, it's about as 70's iconic as it comes, and the perfect simple costume to put together. 

This wig also works for Farrah's Charlie's Angels period, and it looks awesome with any disco dress. There's so much versatility with this wig in terms of disco costumes and icons of the era, that you can see it's deserving of its own call out!

Video Practice: See what Farrah hair looks like in action.

A famous scene from Charlie's Angels...

The Disco Pimp

So funky and stylin'. You're going to need to practice the walk.

California Costumes Men's Pimp,Red,X-Large Costume
Amazon Price: $44.99 $31.82 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 13, 2014)

California Costumes Men's Pimp,Red,LargePerhaps the most famous 70's disco bad boy look around, the disco pimp has made a style all his own. It's not just the outfit, it's the accessories too. The wide-brimmed funky hat and the cane. Mix it with the famous pimp strut and you've got yourself dance floor magic. 

This costume comes in two color options. Funky red or disco king purple. The choice is up to you. Both look the part. The hat comes with the costume, but the other funky accessories, you're going to need to supply yourself. I suggest the famous cane (for the strut, you know), some big gold jewelry, and maybe even some crazy platform shoes. 

You're going to need to hand wash or dry clean this costume, so care is a little more tricky, but it's worth it to be the craziest Halloween pimp in town!


Get the pimp walk down.

Made famous by Huggy Bear from "Starsky and Hutch"

The Disco Gold Jumpsuit

Totally bling, and totally dance ready.

Rubies Retro Glam 60s 70s Disco Star Gold Jumpsuit CostumeHow can you not be the star of the dance floor when you wear this gold polyester disco jumpsuit? It steals the show, especially when you pair it with a beautiful 70's Farrah wig like the one above. The suit gives you a lot of room to move around, and the cut is totally disco nostalgic. 

The shoes and the jewelry, you'll need to pick up separately. Go gold on gold for the ultimate 70's disco effect. This is also a look that works for the early 80's club scene, so keep it in mind for an 80's theme party costume as well. 

The Disco Sleazeball

A fun role to play at a party.

Disco Sleazeball Adult Costume (Medium)
Amazon Price: $48.99 $34.19 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 13, 2014)

California Costumes Men's Disco Sleaze Ball CostumeDiscos always had more than a few around, and these slimey-hip sleazeballs make for great role-playing on Halloween night or at a disco theme party. This look was made very famous by Steve Martin and Dan Akroyd on Saturday Night Live (you know, those two wild and crazy guys!)

The set comes with the total sleazeball look, all the way down to the porn stash. You'll need to accessorize separately, so make sure you pick up some over the top necklaces and other jewelry to go with it. This is a hand wash costume, so care is a little more tricky. But, again, it's worth it for how much personality it brings to the table. 

Video Practice: Get the sleaze down with two of the most famous disco sleazeballs.

Get Ready To Dance All Night Long!

You'll have the time of your life, disco-style that is, when you dress up in these super-fun 70's Halloween costumes. They're just made to get your groove on and dance. They've got a style and a movement all their own, so good times, and a lot of laughs, will no doubt be had. So get your look ready, and hit the town in total 70's glory!