The Perfect Gift

There are a few things you can do when searching for 70th birthday gifts. You want to show the guest-of-honor how much they're appreciated, and the perfect give can convey these feelings. A couple of important things need to be kept in mind, though, when shopping for a birthday gift. For instance, keep note of the guest-of-honor's personality before going to checkout. If she's a bit sensitive of her age, then a gag gift may not be the best way to go. Also, many older men who still enjoy working around the house may not be able to once they've reached the age of 70, so it's always a good idea to be selective. Even though you may have given them a tool chest five years ago, things might've change drastically making a gift of that nature inappropriate. This is mainly advice for people who may not associate with the person being celebrated too often, if you're family or a close friend, then you (hopefully) should already know all this.


Gifts centered toward grandparenting is a great way to bring a smile to their faces. With all the offspring present at the birthday party, and the various offspring of their offspring, gifts that help symbolize the impotence of grandparenting while also conveying a heart-warming message will bring delight to their eyes. There are Chicken Soup books available at bookstores directed toward grandmothers that will uplift and melt the heart of grandmothers all around. You can also find journals that grandparents can jot down messages and add photos for younger generations to view. Being able to keep all their memories in a book with places to add images will end up being a timeless keepsake for years to come.

Gag Gifts

If the person being celebrated has a cheerful attitude about their age, then gag gifts are definitely appropriate. You can find T-shirts with funny phrases on them, mugs with pithy sayings and even a corkscrew with the fitting exclamation "screw 70!", now whether or not they'll actually need the corkscrew will depend on the person, but it will still be a funny gift. You could also find humorous books that'll make light of the age while also giving relatable examples of how other people handle aging. Before just picking up any book, it'd be a good idea to check out reviews to get a better idea of what the book is about. Otherwise, if the person being celebrated is a bookworm, she'll eat it up.

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Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are other great options to choose from. These can contain nostalgic items such as booklets about things that occurred when the guest-of-honor was born as well as also candy and other treats that are sure to satisfy. Gift baskets come in various shapes and sizes; if the person enjoys pampering themselves you could always find spa gift baskets; if you're celebrating the 70th birthday of a man who enjoys working with tools, you can find gift baskets in the shape of toolboxes. And of course if they have a sweet-tooth, then you'd want the finest gift basket with most decadent chocolates and treats.

If All Else Fails

Whatever gift you decide to go with, putting time and careful consideration of the guest-of-honors personality will ensure your gift will be top-notch. Conversely, if you don't know the person too well, or if they're just a difficult person to shop for, you can always purchase gift cards and slap on maybe 70 bucks to stay consistent with the celebration. That is, of course, if you can afford a gift like that. It maybe the most expensive gift at the party, but it'll probably be the most meaningful. Think of it this way, if you don't have the words to say to a person turning 70, a gift card is the best way to go, because we all know money talks.

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