Want to save some money? Try these tips and tricks:

  1. Don’t pay for parking. If possible try and find parks that are not signed for “Customers only” in your area. If that’s not possible find the closest free parking and walk the rest of the way to work. Saving you money and your waist line.  Just make sure there is no tow away sign or it may end up more expensive then you think. This saves me $25 per week.
  2. Buy home brand. A lot of studies have shown that when people are blindfolded they cannot tell the difference between the home brand item and the label. If you are still dubious about this then just buy home brand for base ingredients such as flour, sugar and stock. This saves me $15 per week.
  3. When it’s available ask for the cheaper alternative when getting your scripts filled. Chemists often offer a cheaper alternative that’s only difference is in the packaging. This easily saves up to $7 per script.
  4. Have a cleanup of all your old dockets and recepts. Some dockets have specials on them and you can get everything from cheaper pizza’s to half price go karts.  Expected saving $4.
  5. Patient Travel Subsidy Scheme – In Queensland if you need to see a specialist not available in your local area, you may be eligible to receive money back for the cost of your trip. You will need to get your medical provider to fill in a form and then get it approved by your local hospital. Saving $50.
  6. Baby Bonus – If you are having a baby you may be entitled $5000 from the government. Contact Centrelink for details
  7. Don’t get connected – When you phone some call some directory services you are charged an extra fee for the connection. Just write the number down and dial it yourself.
  8. Install yellow and white pages on your IPhone instead of calling directory assistance
  9. If somebody offers you a free call alternative- take it.
  10. Go one week longer between waxes.
  11. Do a week longer between dying your hair.
  12. Get hair cut every 8 weeks instead of every 6.
  13. Own chooks. You can feed them your scraps and use them for eggs.
  14. Have your own vegetable garden.
  15. Have your own fruit trees growing.
  16. Keep your receipts and claim at Medicare.
  17. If your private health insurance offers free dental cleans, use them.
  18. Check your phone plan and go with the cheapest option
  19. Look for lost super and put your entire super with one company so you are not paying extra.
  20. Check your power supplier and go with cheapest
  21. Turn off power points
  22. Don’t have the pool running all year round – pack it up.
  23. Investigate alternative energy
  24. Drink tap water
  25. Cut down on a coffee a day
  26. Investigate family tax benefit
  27. Check your health and car insurance policies every year.
  28. Trace lost super
  29. Add to your own super
  30. See if you are eligible for health care card or rent assistance
  31. Shop around for mobile deals – but check reception first
  32. If someone (like a phone company) owes you money, chase it up.
  33. If you live out of town don’t waste fuel going in everyday. Clump together your activities so you only go in when you have to.
  34. Leave your Credit Card at home.
  35. Dye your hair at home.
  36. Try DIY waxing
  37. Use cheap cleaning products like bicarb and vinegar
  38. Join the library.
  39. Save ice-cream containers ect instead of buying Tupperware
  40. Find out when the cheap movie days are at your video library and get your movies out on that day
  41. Investigate solar rebates and see if it’s worthwhile
  42. Explore first home owner grants.
  43. Take your lunch to work
  44. Stay away from vending machines at work
  45. Keep an eye on petrol prices
  46. Use public transport
  47. Check bank statements
  48. Use your own ATM whenever possible
  49. Check the rate you get on your saving account and change if you can get a better deal.
  50. Look at your junk mail and compare prices of major supermarkets, work out if changing is worth the time and petrol
  51. There is nothing wrong with second hand clothes, arrange a clothes swap with friends.
  52. Breast feed.
  53. Use cloth nappies.
  54. DYI  photo projects
  55. Cut down on take out
  56. Use loyalty cards if they suit.
  57. Use public transport (park and ride)
  58. Don’t sign up for expensive gym memberships until you have managed to go every day for 1 month (30 day habit).
  59. Write a shopping list and stick to it.
  60. Refill your water bottle
  61. Take picture with your phone of books you want to read and order from library
  62. See if a swimming membership is worth it.
  63. Don’t buy bottled water – nothing wrong with tap water.
  64. Have a baby shower – free gifts, minimal expense  (or you can have a wishing well)
  65. Buy your wedding dress from China
  66. Get regular quotes on all your insurance services
  67. Get a learner photographer for your wedding. Check their current pictures out. They could show real talent for half the price.
  68. Get your hair cut at TAFE
  69. Rewash your sandwich bags.
  70. Use the internet to find cheap recipes
  71. Make your own soaps and hair products
  72. Set up a Facebook page to sell your stuff or check out what buy, swap and sell pages are in your area.

73.Get rid of clutter – sell stuff on Ebay

How have you saved money in the past? Comment below.