750 WordsWhether you've got nothing to say, or way too much, 750 Words is the place to start.

750 Words is based on a simple idea. We, as writers, should write 750 Words a day. Now those words may or may not be very useful to you in the future, but the idea is to help you be more productive and just get writing.

Whether it be an article, a work of fiction, or a poem, if you find that when you sit down you can't think of anything to write. Or if you find that when you sit down to write your mind is racing with a million thoughts heading in every direction. You might need to jump start your creative juices. In either situation, this is where 750 Words comes into play.

For those who find it hard to start writing get on 750 Words and just start typing. It doesn't matter what, you could even type, "I don't know what to write." Its fine if you write that, just keep on writing. The idea is that once you've gotten a bunch of junk out of your head your ideas will begin to flow better.

For those whose minds are a jumble like mine get on 750 Words. Just start writing, and go with the stream of consciousness, putting any and every idea that you have floating around in your head down on paper. This is a great resource for you later; you can look back and check out ideas you might have otherwise forgotten.

750 Words allows for customization of the writing experience including font size and background color. Of course you can write more or less if you want, but the goal is 750 words. The webapp keeps track of your daily progress, and even has a points system providing some psychological encouragement. You will feel a little guilty if you miss some days, but just take it as encouragement and move on. 750 Words also has an interesting feature. You can view detailed analysis of your writing as a whole giving you statistics on emotions, maturity, mindset, and word usage among other things.

In all its a great site, and it does what it is meant to, record your 750 Words a day. It has helped me to get my thoughts out, and flowing with more ease. Hopefully it can for you too.

Let me know about any similar site, or your experiences with 750 Words in the comments.