Cleaning is the worst – it has been scientifically proven.  Yes, cleaning helps keep our things nice, our lives orderly, and provides a sense of accomplishment when the task is complete.  But aside from that, it’s pretty much the worst thing ever.  That being said, what if you could clean with style – with all the tricks, tips, and outside-the-box techniques?  You could be the Master of Maintenance, the Oracle of Orderliness – a domestic god or goddess.  If this were the case…well…then maybe cleaning would only be kind of the worst.  Here are seven, easy cleaning hacks to help you erase scuff marks, pick up shards of glass, and even remove those embarrassing white deodorant streaks from the side of your shirt.   

  1.  Deodorant Streaks on Shirt: Have you ever put together the freshest looking outfit on the planet only to put it on and find nasty deodorant streaks running down the side of your shirt?  Not to worry – social suicide is easily avoidable.  Grab a dryer sheet and rub it across the area in question to remove that pesky, white streak.
  2. Picking Up Glass Shards:  Dropping and shattering glass is a nuisance, but stepping Broken GlassCredit: Taken by Ildar Sagdejevon a small, undetected glass shard is downright dangerous!  After carefully picking up any large pieces of glass resulting from the knock or spill, try using a piece of bread to pick up those sneaky, ninja-like glass specks.  Using the bread like a sponge, dab the affected area.  The tiny glass shards will become caught in the bread’s doughy embrace.  Note: It makes sense to discard the bread upon completing this exercise.  Glass shard sandwiches are not advised.
  3. Remove Water Stains From Wood: Tired of looking at that old water-ring stain on your living room coffee table?  We are, too.  Rather than just avoiding eye contact with your coffee table, take some mayonnaise (that’s right…mayonnaise) and spread it onto a paper towel.  Using the paper towel, press the mayonnaise lightly onto the water stain.  Let the mayo sit for 12-15 minutes.  After the time has passed, wipe the mayonnaise off the table and check the stain.  Repeat as necessary.  Tables are a lot like people – they can never get enough mayonnaise.
  4. Get Rid of Smoky Smell: cigarette smoke HackCredit: Assef elweterTrying to get that cigarette smell out of your chain-smoking Aunt Myrtle’s living room?  Rather than bull dozing the building and starting from scratch, take a towel from the bathroom and soak it in water.  Wring out the towel until it is moist (not sopping wet), and then swing it around the room in question.  There’s a lot of cool science behind why this works, but essentially the solid particles in the cigarette smoke will stick to the moisture in the towel, effectively thinning the amount of smoke in the room.  A second way to eliminate smoky odor: Smoke outside.
  5. Erase Scuff Marks: Your kids move as fast as racecars, so it should come as no
    surprise when they leave NASCAR-quality scuff marks across your floors.  Luckily, you will not need a pit crew to fix them.  Grab a can of WD-40 and spray that bothersome scuff.  After a minute or so, the mark should scrub right off.  To celebrate, we recommend a victory lap followed by a milk bath.
  6. Prevent Sponge Mildew: Kitchen sponges have the uncanny knack of becoming incredibly gross, incredibly quick.  In order to prevent mildew, use a binder clip as a “sponge stand”.  Clip the short edge of the sponge and then prop the clip up on its base away from the sink.  This will allow the sponge to air-dry more effectively as well as socialize with appliances from other parts of the kitchen. 
  7. Stop Smelly Containers: Tupperware containers possess the admirable ability of Tupperware container hackCredit: BocaDorada at your food’s fantastic flavor.  Unfortunately, they can also retain a whole assortment of gnarly smells in the process.  Banish funky smells by washing your Tupperware with salt.  Odors in Tupperware are created by small gangs of renegade food particles – leather jackets and all.  The salt acts like the new, mysterious kid in school – smashing apart the food particle gang, destroying the odor, and even getting the girl at the end.  Man…some minerals have all the fun.

When cleaning, it is always great to have a few nifty little tricks up your sleeve.  Hopefully, these cleaning hacks will not only find their way into your cleaning routine, but will also make your chores a tad bit more bearable.