You might need to pick out gifts for mom several times a year. These occasions include Mother's Day, birthdays and holidays. If you're running out of ideas, then consider gifts that you can add onto with every new event. Look for ideas at stores like Vera Bradley and CollectiblesToday.

1. Holiday Items

You can give a gift that can turn into a family tradition. Pick up ceramic villages or keepsake ornaments for the holidays. Then, add another piece each season for a sentimental touch.

2. Collections

Your mom might already have a collection that you can add to. This can be first edition books or figurines. Pay special attention to any collector's series that she might already have in her home that you can add to.

3. Family Oriented Gifts

Family gifts can include jewelry or artwork. Take your kids to a ceramics store and give them similar mugs to paint for a unique set. You can also include nieces and nephews in this outing. You can also purchase a mom's ring, which features different birthstones representing each child. This comes in gold, silver, gemstone and crystal versions depending on your price point.

4. Hobby Gifts

Gifts are a chance to explore products that you wouldn't normally buy for yourself. If your mom has always talked about photography, then consider a digital camera. Include lessons on how to use it, or write a simple instruction manual on uploading pictures. Then in subsequent years, you could give her digital scrapbooking programs or photo albums.

Another hobby gift that you can consider is a yoga class or gym membership. You can rally with the other kids to get coordinating presents. This could include new sneakers, a yoga mat or a gym bag.

5. Vacation

If your mom has always wanted to go on a trip, then give her frequent flier miles. Look through the rewards programs to find one that you can add to year after year. You can also just give her artwork or decorative accessories from her dream location in the meantime.

6. Cleaning Ideas

If your mom is having trouble keeping up with the house, then make up a book of coupons. You could clean the gutters or come by on a weekly basis to mow the lawn. This is a budget friendly gift that can be reminiscent of the coupon books of your youth. It's a chance to spend more time with your mom and help her out all at once.

7. Crafts

Crafts are a staple gift for kids to give mothers. You can just keep within this theme but upgrade the difficulty depending on the age group. Learn how to knit and create an afghan or scarf. You can also paint a plaque with her favorite saying or quote. Another option is to assemble a book with your favorite childhood memories and pictures for a personal touch. Craft projects require that you plan ahead, but it shows that you took time out to create something special.