You don’t have to know wines or even like wine to pick out gifts for a wine lover.  Wine specialty stores, especially those found online, carry most everything a wine enthusiast would want or need to enjoy a good bottle of wine. And you can find some of the best gifts in any price range from cheap to expensive.

Wine Club Membership

You can buy a wine club membership gift online have bottles of wines sent on a monthly basis. Wine clubs will have different packages you can choose from, such as a California wine club that sends only California wines, or exclusive wines that are not easily found in spirit specialty stores. And you can choose how many months you want the membership for, usually starting with three months and for as long as a year. Some memberships will renew automatically so you can keep giving this gift every year. Do check the terms. If you don't want the membership to automatically renew you will need to remember to cancel when you want the membership to expire.

Wine AeratorGift For Wine LoverCredit: Amazon

A wine aerator quickens the breathing process for red wines. By pouring wine into the aerator, air is circulated throughout the wine giving it a better aroma and flavor. You can find aerators that aerate an entire bottle or one glass at a time. This is one of the best gifts for a wine lover as it may not be something he spends the money on for himself, but will certainly be put it to good use if given as a present.

Wine Bottle Opener

Most wine lovers will have a good  opener as a corkscrew opener is for amatuers. But these do wear out and it may be in need of replacement.  A good opener, such as Rabbit openers, makes opening a bottle easier without splitting the cork into pieces. Some will come as a kit and also include a foil cutter and bottle sealer.


A wine lover knows that what you drink the wine from is just as important. Some will have a favorite glass, but others enjoy having a selection of wine glasses to go with different wines or for parties. Large wine glasses, decorative glasses, or unique artsy glasses all make good gifts.  

Wine Pairing Reference

Wine and food books will give your wine enthusiast detailed information on what foods to pair with different types of wines. Or you can give a quick reference guide such as a wine pairing chart or wine pairing wheel. The pairing wheels and charts are a good cheap gift that will get a lot of use and be much appreciated.

Expensive Bottle of Wine

Find out what type of wine the person likes and give them a bottle they may not normally spend the money on. To make this a great gift, it’s best to know what their favorite wine type is such as zinfandel, chardonnay, shiraz, malbed, or pinot grigio. But if you only know whether they like red or white, then you can work with that. With this information the sales clerk at any spirits specialty store can help you choose a nice high-end bottle of wine as a gift. There's no limit to prices, so you can go as high as your budget will allow. 

Wine Bottle Racks and Glasses Racks

If your gift recipient is running out of room to store his collection of bottles or wine glasses, then a wine rack or glasses rack would be a best gift for a wine lover. Choose one that fits the gift recipient’s space. Don’t buy one for the counter top if there’s little room on the kitchen counters. If space is an issue, buy a wine rack the sits on the floor and can be tucked into any small space. If cabinet space is an issure, buy a wine glass rack that hangs from the ceiling. This is a great space saver and can turn the glasses into hanging decor when stored.