There won’t be a lack of things to do and see in the Polish capital of Warsaw. So much so that it is almost certainly necessary to stay for more than one day. As this is the case, finding the best hotel in such an extensive city can be difficult depending on what you’re looking for. The following 10 hotels range from the best budget stays to luxurious elegance, reflecting the city and its range of lifestyles.

Le Meridien Bristol

One of the best known and prolific hotels in the city the Bristol stands at 110 years old, originally backed by famous pianist and Polish Prime Minister Jan Paderewski. Built on the turn of the 19th century the Bristol is an excellent example of old fashioned splendour and high living. Within the grounds of the hotel a private garden and one of the most exclusive cafe’s in Poland. Nearby lies two of the most famous streets in Warsaw - Krakowskie Przedmiescie and Nowy Swiat which provide a blissful look into the mix of antiquity and modernity in central Warsaw.




Built in 1989 as a sign of emerging Capitalism and fading Communism the 5 star Marriott has become the most likely place to be for the elite high fliers of the city. Based inside a 140m skyscraper the hotel’s key feature is its extensive views across the city. The Marriott hotel has seen host to ex-president of the U.S George W Bush on his stay in Warsaw in the famous presidential suite.



Witt Hostel

Whilst not technically a hotel, the Witt isn’t your average slovenly hostel but more like a casual guesthouse with a warm welcome. The standout feature of the hostel along with its accessibility (short distance from train station) is the low price at just £33 a night for a double room. The hostel itself has gained notoriety for having a scene of The Pianist filmed within its walls.




The devil really is in the detail at the Rialto hotel in centre of Warsaw. A truly unique and beautiful interior has seen every room in the Rialto decorated differently with post-war art work. Throughout the hotel a large proportion of furniture and other design aspects have been handpicked from antique dealers across Europe giving the hotel a real boutique feel.



Nathan's Villa

Most likely a place for the youngsters visiting the city, Nathan’s villa is an eternally lively hostel/guesthouse. Set up by a British backpacker in the late 80’s Nathan’s villa is a popular choice for those on a budget and want to be in the thick of it. There is usually some sort of party going on at Nathan’s but despite this the hostel is kept in a clean and comfortable condition.



Oki Doki

If you prefer your bedroom to have a neutral and calming colour scheme you should probably steer away from Oki Doki. It certainly appears that the surrealist decoration of wacky designs and brash colours will cater more to the eccentric holiday maker. This cheap, hostel-like accommodation in the middle of Warsaw is cheap and full of ideas. Take your pick of rooms, ranging from Narnia to ‘The House of the Invisible Hand’.



Villa Otwock

If you’re looking to visit Warsaw but not be within the hustle and bustle of the city then a 40 minute drive from the city centre Villa Otwock may be the place for you. Located on the flood plain of the River Vistula the area has a peaceful and relaxing feel as well as playing host to the Wyspy Swiderskie wildlife reserve. The reserve is teeming with wildlife from beavers to hawks to snakes as well as having its own sandy beaches along its bank. The hotel comprises mostly of apartment studios and has its own beautiful gardens within the grounds.