How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Decorating a small room in a way that makes the area appear larger and less confining can be a challenge. Fortunately with a little effort and creativity it is not difficult to make a small room look larger and create a more spacious look in a small space.  These design ideas and tips should help you in decorating your small space and give you some good tips on ways to make a tiny room look bigger.  These are especially great ideas for efficiencies and tiny apartments.  Most of the ideas presented here are relatively inexpensive so you can create a feeling of more spaciousness even if you're working on a budget.

Use Light To Make A Small Room Look Larger

Increasing the amount of light flowing into a room helps it to appear bigger. Natural light is best so make full use of it if possible. You can use light colored blinds or light, sheer window treatments that will maximize your available sunlight. If the room doesn't have a lot of natural light, you can add additional lighting fixtures to the room to make it look bigger or simply use higher wattage bulbs in your existing fixtures if possible. Even a small increase in light can make a huge difference to the look of a small room.  If you are fortunate enough to have a high ceiling you can use this feature to your advantage by using a ceiling fan with light fixture to draw the eye upwards and increase the sense of spaciousness.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are an easy, effective and inexpensive way to make small areas look larger. You can place mirrors on closest doors and hang a large mirror on a wall. Mirrors help to create the illusion of more space, particularly in small areas. Try to position your largest mirror opposite a window if possible to take advantage of the natural light and reflect it into the room.

Small Desks For Small SpacesReduce Clutter

One of the most best ways to create the appearance of a larger room is simply to reduce the amount of clutter in a room. Organize and reduce the number of items to make your room bigger visually. Having too many items on the walls also makes a space appear more cluttered and confining. Reduce the number of items on the walls to just one or two larger pieces.

Fewer But Larger Pieces Of Furniture

Using one or two larger pieces of furniture rather than several smaller pieces creates a more spacious appearance and helps in making your small room look bigger. Also try to avoid using more than one of the same type of item in a small room such as multiple lamps or end tables.  Light colored or weathered reclaimed wood furniture works nicely. A small reclaimed wood coffee table would be ideal.  If you're working on a budget, visit your local thrift shop or Salvation Army store to see what furniture items they have available.  You could pick up a cheap item and repaint it using colors you've used in painting to room which will help it to blend into the room and reduce the appearance of size.

Furniture Placement
Try to place furniture near the walls of your small area, in the corners is best. This preserves the open space in the center of the room and helps create a feeling of spaciousness. Arrange your furniture at an angle if possible. The diagonal line across the center of a room is the longest line in any living space. Setting your furniture at an angle along this line makes a small room look larger.  For a home office or work area small desks for small spaces are best.

Use Light Colors In Small Rooms

Use of light colors is another good way to make small rooms look bigger and brighter. Light carpeting or other floor treatments greatly increase the impression of size in a room as opposed to using dark colors. Darker colors absorb light and make a small room look even smaller. Try to select light colored furniture, window treatments and artwork for use in the room. Repainting a small room a lighter color, covered below, will also dramatically increase the feeling of spaciousness.

Repaint Using Light Colors
Light and brightly colored walls reflect more light and make small spaces feel more open and roomy. Select soft, light tones of pastel blues and greens or a plain stark white for the optimal effect. You can use slightly dark complementary colors for ceiling borders and window trim. Use the lightest color possible for the wall trim and moldings a lighter color than your walls. This will create an optical illusion making the walls appear further back, and make your room appear bigger. You can also paint using vertical stripes of light complementary colors on the walls. This will have the effect of drawing your eye up and giving the appearance of a higher ceiling and more space even in a tiny area.  Most paint stores and the larger discount chains provide color chips and samples that show the various shades and tints that complement each other.  Go to the store and get some paint samples to bring home to help you choose the right color color combinations for your area.

Hopefully you've picked up some good tips on ways to make your small room look bigger.  Implementing even just a couple of these interior design tips will greatly increase the appearance of size and openness, making your small room look larger and more spacious than it really is.

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