Infobarrel is a wonderful platform to display extremely useful articles. They offer a way for great writers to get information out to readers that are searching for it. 

Now that you are writing for Infobarrel to earn income you need to promote your articles to gain page views. Promoting your work is not a daunting task and these are some ways that you can get more reads or page views for your content.

These are seven different ways to promote your Infobarrel articles

1)      Comment on do follow blogs.

Commenting on blogs doesn’t mean simply putting out spam. You want to make certain that the comments you leave are helpful and related to the information that you leave a link for.

2)      Select related blogs and write content as a guest blogger. There are guest blogger websites that seek out guest bloggers. Blogs are added to the website for you to guest blog and link to your Infobarrel articles in your post. writing related content and adding links will get traffic from a great blog to your Infobarrel articles

3)      Yahoo Answers is a wonderful site where you can answer questions that are related to your article content and leave relevant links. Make certain the answers provided are useful for the readers. Useful answers will rate you higher and get more readers with Yahoo Answers which means more readers to your content

4)      wiki answers is another site where members ask questions that you can answer and link to your related Infobarrel articles

5)      article directories and sites such as Ezinearticles let you link to your Infobarrel articles

6)      Build a blog on one of the free blogging platforms such as Blogger or WordPress. This is wonderful for related content articles. For an example, if you create a blog for wedding centerpieces and have a number of articles that you have created for this content you can link your articles and blog together.

7)      YouTube is overlooked as a medium for traffic. Articles that are useful and valuable can be turned into video content which can drive more traffic to your Infobarrel articles. YouTube also provides many high traffic videos with a channel and a chance to earn AdSense revenue with your video content.

These are several very useful ways to promote your Infobarrel articles. Although you write great quality content you still need to get your articles in front of an audience. Search engine optimization and keywords will help. However, promoting your articles is also needed.