Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is the newest Celebrity to cheat on his wife. Tiger Woods has admitted to "transgressions". As of right now 10 women have came forward and claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Tiger Woods.

It has been reported in the Media that Tigers wife Elin Nordegren has moved out of their house. Tiger so far has been linked to all types of young ladies. Fromporn stars to ladies that live in trailer parks. If Tigers wife Elin Noregren decides to leave Tiger Woods for his infidelities then Tiger is Looking at having to fork over millions of dollars. Imagine the lawyer fees in this case.

Tiger Swinging His DriveDavid Letterman

David Letterman admitted to having sexual relations with women who worked with him. David Letterman had used other celebrity sexual scandals as items for his nightly jokes. Now that David Letterman was the man at the head of a sexual scandal this continued. He joked about it. Not in a condescending way but as a way many people who deal with pain.

It will be interesting to see how David Letterman deals with sex scandals from now on including the Tiger Woods scandal.

John Edwards

John Edwards was running for President of the United States when his sexual cheating was going on. John Edwards even fathered a baby with this lady. John Edwards wife said in her new book that the news of the affair caused her to vomit on the floor. John Edwards revealed the affair with his wife only a few days after declaring his intent to run for President.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was a rich handsome man with a hot fiancee. One night Hugh Grant was arrested for lewd conduct with a prostitute. Hugh Grant had an amazingly hot fiancee named Elizabeth Hurley. Hugh Grant chose to pick up an ugly prostitute.

Bill Clinton

William "I Did Not Have Sexual Relations With That Woman" Clinton is one of the most infamous sex scandals in the history of America. A sitting president, a cigar, and an intern named Monica Lewinsky.

Mark Sanford

For a whole week nobody knew where Governor Mark Sanford was. He was in Argentina with his girlfriend. Before Mark Sanford disappeared he had told his staff he would be hiking on the Appalachian trail. Mark Sanford did not answer any phone calls. In fact Mark Sanford did not even call his family on fathers day.

Mark Sanford returned stateside. When Mark Sanford learned the media had evidence of his affair he called a press conference and admitted to cheating on his wife. He also said his girlfriend was his "soul mate" at the press conference.

John Ensign

John Ensign is a senator from Nevada who was on the fast track to becoming a serious contender as a future presidential candidate. He can kiss his presidential aspirations goodbye the same as John Edward had too.

There have been many other political and celebrity sexual scandals. If you are wanting to be president of the United States then don't cheat on your wife. If you are the worlds best golfer then don't cheat on your wife. If you are a sexy male movie star engaged to a beautiful woman then don't cheat on her by hiring a nasty looking hooker.

In fact why even get married?

Photo Credit: (Flickr/KeithAllison)