Lots of cities have really amazing nightlife, but you probably know most of them. Wouldn't you love to experience something new and really unexpected? Waterfront cities as well as landlocked locales have some closely guarded secrets you need to experience.

1.   Savannah, Georgia: Party in the Style of the South


Image via Flickr by jhave

Anyone who's ever read or watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil already knows that Savannah, that precious magnolia city, has nightlife like no other place in the States. People get crazy in Savannah, but they do so in sugary tones with mint juleps in hand, so it's a party no matter what.

Cocktails are practically handed out as soon as you cross into the city limits, especially down in the drop-dead gorgeous Historic District. You might stay in a quaint bed and breakfast, but you'll party in the streets. There's so much to see and do, you'll spend your time exploring during the day and getting insane at night.

2.   Providence, Rhode Island: Tiny State Packed with Huge Fun


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Who would have thought that such a tiny state would have such exciting nightlife? Various spots in Rhode Island are very well-known for getting rowdy, but none so much as Providence. Part of the reason it's such a fantastic party town is because of its stunning diversity. You'll meet people from all walks of life, every creed, color, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, political affiliation—you get the idea. And they're all there for a good time.

Providence is also a popular spot because of its ideal location, with some of New England's best beaches fairly close by. It's known for college-level rowdiness, plus a fantastic array of live music. You'll find popular bands as well as local groups with whom you'll instantly fall in love. The drinks are excellent, the food is sublime, and the local neighborhood joints are always jumping.

3.   Seattle, Washington: Find Out What All the Fuss is About


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Children of the '90s already know why Seattle is so special. It's not about the Starbucks, it's all about the music scene. Many of the best bands of that particular decade got their start here, and the wet city still has a grungy kind of Bohemian vibe that inspires the kind of deep, intellectual party college kids dream about in secret.

There are coffee shops, microbreweries, and live music venues galore. The parks are lushly thriving, Capitol Hill never sleeps, and Belltown is one of those places you just have to see to believe. You can't miss out on the Emerald City either, and don't forget to take your party out on the water when you get tired of getting crazy on land.

4.   Juneau, Alaska: Party in the Beautiful Natural Landscape


Image via Flickr by tata_aka_T

If you're taking an Alaskan cruise vacation, a stop in Juneau is a must. People will likely urge you to get to Anchorage, and it's true that Anchorage is fun, but Juneau is absolutely unexpected. It's breathtakingly beautiful for starters, and if that's not enough, it's also thrilling.

There's a big business in theater, with lots of fantastic movie houses and live productions. The local bars and clubs feature colorful locals who love to buy a stranger a beer and maybe hustle a few pool games. The outdoor sports keep the party going out in the open air, and it doesn't matter whether you head out during the week or on the weekends. Make sure you check out The Viking Bar, as well as the bar within the famed Alaskan Hotel. The Triangle Club is also a must-see while you're doing the circuit.


5.   Portland, Oregon: Microbrewery Capital of the US


Image via Flickr by DirtBikeDBA (Mike)

In nearby Oregon, you'll also have an excellent time—and this is another great spot to hit up on a cruise. Although the city itself is rather laid back, it's a must-see destination for any connoisseurs of microbrews. In fact, it's one of the best city for specialty beers, with more microbreweries than you'll find any place else in the States.

Because of that fact, people flock to Portland. Considering that it is so laid back, it's a great place for a specific type of party person. As with Seattle, live bands flock there as well, so you'll have access to some of the most incredible music in the world. It's authentic, relaxing, but still exciting—perhaps even more so because you don't expect it.

6.   Denver, Colorado: Enjoy Yourself in the Mile-High City


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When you think of exciting nightlife, you probably don't automatically think of the Rockies. No matter what the season, however, Denver is pretty much always popping. It's a huge party place in winter, of course, if only because of all the incredible activities. However, in warmer weather, the locale, the scenery, and the outdoor spots all keep people coming in droves. Head to the Lower Historic Downtown District, otherwise known as LoDo, for some serious fun.

Find some great brews and some tasty food, not to mention all-night parties and clubs filled with fantastic music. The DJs are invigorating and enthusiastic, but the live music isn't anything to sneeze at, either. At any given time of year, you'll find some of the hottest musical acts of the day camped out in Denver.

7.   Boston, Massachusetts: Dive into the Nightlife, New England Style 


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Do you think Boston's all about brainiacs attending Harvard? While it is one of the smartest cities in the United States, it's also an enormous college town. Even though schools like Harvard, MIT, and Boston University are high-brow, those kids know how to party! They work hard and they play hard, plus they're more than happy to welcome any tourists who come to call.

Boston's nightlife is like nothing you've ever experienced, and it too is centrally located near some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. The beer is incredible, the food is outrageous, and there are exciting landmarks to take in even as you party. Don't miss a trip to any of the clubs after hitting up Fenway, Landsdowne, Union Street, or the amazing Faneuil Hall.