Pocket watches for men

More and More Pocket Watches for Men are Coming Out

Until now, pocket watches had mostly been seen only in era movies.

However, this is changing as old styles come back full circle and the classiest of men are looking to revive this antique style. Most pocket watches for men are only novelty brands.

This is changing, and changing in a big way. 

1. Charles-Hubert Paris

Since 1990, Charles-Hubert has been looking to bring back the pocket watches for men beyond novelty items from older films. These watches are very classic and beautiful, and have really been setting the stage.

This is a brass pocket watch with a 47mm case – pocket watches tend to be larger than traditional watches. It has a mechanical hand wind movement and a white dial. You can buy it here for $104 on Amazon here.

2. Stuhrling Original Lifestyle Collection Monarch Moon

Stuhrling Original has been a name in Swiss watches brand since the 1800s. Today, it provides some very elegant styles, a great example being the Monarch Moon.

The Monarch Moon has a stainless steel case with a stationary bezel. The dial color is blue, representing the night sky. It has both a day and date calendar and quartz movement. You can buy this watch for around $147.20 on Amazon.

3. Steinhausen Tasche V Skeleton

Steinhausen has created some very elegant styles. The Skeleton tells time with a skeleton dial so you are able to see the inner workings.

It has black roman numerals with a mechanical movement and an old style push/pull crown. The bezel is a polished goldtone, giving these pocket watches for men the exact look you have in your mind when you're thinking of owning a classy men's pocket watch.

Check Out This Pocket Watch for Men on Amazon Here

4. Oris Pocket Watches for Men

Oris has long been known as a huge name in Swiss watches brand.

Their incredibly antique and classic pocket watches for men are available nowhere else on the market. They are hard to find but you have to know where to look to purchase these exclusive pocket watches for men. They have mechanical movement with seven jewels.

The background is the very traditional white with black Roman numerals. You can find this watch for $399.

5. Jules Jurgensen Trucker Themed Pocket Watch

This is a fun sounding watch from a serious company. It is a step outside the norm and pays homage to the long amounts of time truckers are on the road.

Make no mistake, Jules Jurgensen has been a classic watchmaker in pocket watches for men since 1740. These pocket watches for men will surely have your friends talking. They are goldtoned with a trucker theme.

They come with quartz movement and black Arabic numerals. The date is shown at 3:00 and these watches come with a chain, just like traditional pocket watches for men.

You can purchase these pocket watches for men at $215. 

6. Bulova Vintage Pocket Watches for Men

You know that this trend is really picking up when Bulova makes their own line of pocket watches for men.

These vintage-themed pocket watches for men made by a huge name in Swiss watchmaking are luxury watches that any watch aficionado needs to have on his hands.

They come with a filled case and a case diameter of 45mm, which is smaller than many pocket watches for men, but Bulova is adhering to its personal watch style. The dial is silver with gold filled Arabic numerals. It comes with an hour, minute and second hand. You can purchase these vintage pocket watches for men for cheap at $120.

7. August Loch Pocket Watches for Men

These are some incredibly rare watches that are worth a look if you consider yourself a man who is truly interested in some vintage stuff.

August Loch has created an open faced with a movement of 15 jewels. The case is gold-filled and this is a winding pocket watch, giving you a true fill of the early days of watch making.

These watches also tell a story of when jewelers would sign their names on the pocket watches, as they are antiques.

This is where the trend of watchmakers putting their logos on watches has come from. You can buy these pocket watches for men for $250.

Pocket watches will always remain a classy accessory. There is something almost magical about them. Maybe it is their vintage appeal. Those looks that harken back to olden days when finer things were thought to be made.

Whatever it is, they are just damn cool. 

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