Driving is a skill that requires mind and body coordination. Because of this, drivers who drive for a certain period of time get tired and sometimes even sleepy. When this happens, he might get into a vehicle accident or collision. If you are a driver who travels long hours behind the wheel, you should be aware when driver fatigue is going to strike.

The following are some signs which indicate that you are already experiencing driver fatigue:

  1. You keep yawning. Yawning happens when a person's brain is unable to instruct the respiratory system to take in more air. This illustrates that his mind needs to rest or sleep.
  2. You unintentionally speed up or speed down. If a driver is experiencing fatigue, his sudden reactions might cause him to step on the brakes or gas unintentionally. He might even make a turn or veer off the road in worse cases.
  3. Your vehicle wanders near the center line or divider, or the edge of the road. When this happens, it means the driver no longer has control over the wheel. The steering wheel is on its own.
  4. You forget where you are going. Drivers who experience fatigue usually miss exit slots in freeways because their minds are already drifting in space.
  5. Your eyes are becoming heavy. This is a more severe sign that you need to sleep and your brain is nearing an automatic shutdown.
  6. You start to daydream. Daydreaming is usually done when someone is doing nothing. If a driver does it while driving, then something is wrong.
  7. You do not remember driving in the last few minutes or seconds. This may be the last sign for a tired or exhausted driver. After driving for several hours, it is strange that a driver would forget that he was driving. However, if he badly needs to sleep, this situation can happen.

Once you experience these signs, you should pullover on the side of the road and take a break. Having a driving break is definitely easier than getting into an accident. If you have another person who can drive, you can let him drive while you rest or take a nap.

According to statistics, driver's fatigue is a common cause of accidents that involves delivery and cargo trucks. This is because truck drivers drive long hours just to meet delivery deadlines. If ever you encounter an accident because you have dozed off while driving, the other party might get a Los Angeles accident attorney and file charges against you.