There are seven dirty secrets about the Hotel industry. Not all hotels have all of these problems but you are bound to run into a few of them at most hotels.

Dirty Water Glasses

The water glasses in your room are dirty. Many smaller motels and hotels either have no dishwasher or the maids do not take the time needed to properly clean and cleanse the drinking glasses. Sometimes the maids, who are forced to hurry through their work to finish quicker, will spray on some cleaner and wipe it off. The drinking glass is then polished by far from sanitary.

More Hotels and motels are turning to using disposable drinking glasses. These disposable drinking glasses come wrapped in plastic and are much safer to use as you know they are not contaminated. If you stay at a fancy hotel and they use disposable drinking cups then you should be grateful and not complain as they are looking out for your best interest by providing safe cups to drink out of.

Dirty Comforters and Bed Spreads

Many Hotels and Motels will change the bedding out when a customer checks out but many of them do not wash or replace the comforter or bed spread that goes over the top of the bed. Often times the comforters are only washed once per week. If you lay onto of the comforter then you may also be laying in the grime left behind by other customers who have previously stayed in the room.

As soon as you get into your motel room you should immediately rip the comforter off the bed and not use it.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs affect all types of lodging properties. It does not matter whether it is a small sleazy motel or a luxury high rise hotel. Bed bugs are commonly carried by travelers from hotel property to hotel property. If it is peak time for the hotel and they have a 100 percent occupancy rate then they cannot afford to let a room go vacant and loose that income.

If the property is running at 100 percent occupancy then when a customer checks out in the morning and a bed bug problem is found they will spray the room down with cedar extract or some other thing to temporarily rid the room of bed bugs. It will kill some of the bed bugs but they will not be totally eradicated yet. The hotel is simply hoping that it will work long enough that you can sleep through the night without realizing there is a problem.

Semen on the Bed

The comforters may not always be washed and it is common for semen and other stains to be left behind on a comforter. If a customer spills blood or fruit juice on the comforter then the Hotel property may be forced to wash the comforter as the stain is obvious. Semen stains are extremely common in hotels and motels yet they are not as visible as other stains and can easily be hidden.

You never want to lie on top of a comforter at a hotel but you also do not want to lie on top of a bare mattress. If you are a rough sleeper and the sheets and linen come off the bed and you find yourself sleeping on a bare mattress then you are also probably sleeping in some goo left behind from past customers.

Adult Bed Wetter's

Smaller motel properties that cater to construction workers who are in town for days at a time have a unique problem. These guys commonly drink a lot of beer each night after work. They will drink until they pass out and then sleep until they have to get up for work. Periodically there will be a guy who cannot control his bladder when he is drunk and passed out and will wet the bed.

These smaller motel properties are struggling to stay profitable and cannot replace the mattress each time it is wetted by a customer's urine. They also cannot afford to charge the customer's credit card for the soiled mattress because that customer will not return again and the smaller motels need all of the return visitors they can receive.

The motels will spray the bed down heavily with bleach and then mask the small with Febreze or another type of fabric spray.

Dirty Ice Machines

The Ice machines at hotels and motels may appear to be clean on the outside but it is very common for the inside of the ice machine to be loaded with bacteria. The maids and the maintenance man may clean and polish the outside of the ice machine but when was the last time the interior of the ice machine was cleaned? Is there mold growing on the inside of the machine? When was the last time the filter to the ice machine was cleaned? Does the ice machine even have a filter? If it does have a filter was it properly cleaned or id they use a chemical cleaner that could easily taint with poison the ice that you receive from the ice machine?

Duplicated Keys

Most motels and hotels have changed the room locks over to the slide card system. This is much safer than using traditional keys in the rooms. Some older properties have chosen not to convert to a card lock system and still use regular keys.

If you stay at a motel that still uses keys then you should be aware that there are probably many other people that have keys to the room. A small motel cannot afford to re-key a room lock every time a customer checks out and forgets to leave the key.

Another huge concern is the ease with which a person can duplicate a room key. If safety and security are a major concern to you then you should always stay at lodging property that uses the card locks.

Hotel and Motels Dirty Secrets

These are just a few of the dirty secrets that hotels and motels have. Talk with someone that use to work at a hotel or motel and most of them can tell you at least one or two dirty hotel secrets that are sure to make your blood boil and you skin curl.