Easy Christmas Decor helps you cut down on your holiday budget and frees up time for family. This is also a way to decorate at the last minute. Sites like CollectiblesToday.com and Potpourri Group sell Christmas decor. Here are some easy ways to decorate for Christmas.

1. Pre-Lit Decor

If you don't want to hassle with strands of lights, then pre-lit decor is the way to go. This can be your traditional tree, but it can also help with outdoor decorating. You can find wire frames of reindeer that are already lit up. You could just place several of these in your yard instead of putting lights around the perimeter of your home. You can also get elegant pre-lit topiaries in urns to frame either side of your entryway.

2. Everyday Decor

One of the easiest and least expensive options for holiday decorations is just to use what you already own. You'll need to bring in some pieces like ornaments that are specific to the holiday. You can also just gather up rich looking metallic items such as charger plates, picture frames and candlesticks. This will give a more substantial look to your holiday decorations, and it ensures that your new decor matches your everyday items.

3. Craft Projects

You can gather up items from your craft closet or attic for last minute decorations. Wrap a grape vine wreath in gold ribbon for a festive feeling. You can also make ornaments from salt dough if you're on a budget. The kids can help paint these items, or just give it a coat of glitter.

4. Traditional Decor

Holiday decorating can be a process that you slowly add to. You can just add in a new piece to a Christmas village every year. You could also buy each child a different ornament every season. This will help fill up the tree, but it can also become a holiday tradition.

5. Simple Tree Decorating

If you want an artificial tree, then going with a higher end version can save you time. Look for a flip or fold up version that already has the lights in it. It can also be helpful to decide on a theme or color palette for the ornaments. This could even be an elegant crystal theme. Then you can know exactly what to look for at the store.

6. Garland

Garland can fit in a lot of different spaces. You can hang it across a mantle, on a windowsill or up a stairway banister. If you want a country look, then try a berry garland. Eucalyptus will bring in a soft sage or teal color. Colorful options will feature ornaments. This makes a big impact in your space without having to put up a lot of lights.

7. Monograms

Monograms add a personal touch. It can also help your family members keep track of stockings, especially if you have a matching set. Many stores offer monogramming on decorations for an added fee so you don't have to do it yourself. You'll need to make sure that you allow enough time for the project to be finished before the holidays.