Picture this: It is summertime.  You are back from the grocer with a fresh bunch of bananas that you cannot wait to eat.  You put them down on the counter for what is supposed to be just a moment, and then the distractions arise.  Drama club.  Baseball practice.  A family dinner at your Aunt Marie’s.  By the time you get bananas back on your mind, guess what?  They’re rotten.  We’ve all been there before.  When it comes to food, however, there are countless ways in which we can make the most of what we already have.  Check out these seven, easy, day-to-day life hacks that will keep your fruit fresher, your drinks colder, and that unwelcome garlic smell off your hands.

BananasCredit: Steve Hopson, www.stevehopson.com.

1.  Keeping Bananas Fresh: Ever excitedly buy a bunch of bananas only to have them
morph into gross, brown lumps before you have an opportunity to eat them?  It can be enough to drive you bananas (Ha!).  Try wrapping the stems in plastic wrap to keep your bananas fresher longer. 

2.  Best Sandwich Bread:  Have you ever found yourself on the quest to create the most perfect sandwich the world has ever seen?  Try toasting not one, but two pieces of bread at a time in one of your toaster’s slots.  By bunk-bed toasting in a wide toaster, your bread will become crisp and toasty on the outside, yet remain soft and delectable on the inside.  Give it a shot – the Earl of Sandwich himself would be envious of your skills.

3.  Keeping Avocados Fresh: Want to prevent this fresh superfood from devolving into a spoiled super villain?  Store your avocado with a cut up onion in a Tupperware container and refrigerate.  The part of the onion that usually drives you to curse its onion soul and whole onion family – sulfur – will help preserve the avocado so it remains fresh. 

4.  Overly Frozen Ice Cream: Ice Cream ScoopCredit: WikiHowDoes that pint of Rocky Road ice cream from last week actually feel like a rock from the road when you’re trying to scoop it?  Don’t put it in the microwave – that’s a rookie mistake.  Instead, run your spoon or ice cream scooper under hot water.  The heated up spoon will slice through your frozen ice cream in no time.

5.  Quickly Chill A Drink: Ever been caught with a warm Gatorade or soda?  Waiting a half hour for it to appropriately chill before drinking – while the epitome of a First World Problem – is massively annoying.  Instead, toss your drink aboard the Cold Beverage Express by wrapping it in a moist paper towel before placing in the fridge.  Give it ten minutes, and you’ll be ready to rock.

6.  Removing Garlic Smell From Hands:  Love cooking with garlic but can’t stand having that garlic smell on your hands?  Wash your hands with toothpaste instead of soap. 

Garlic HackCredit: Donovan Govan

This may sound silly, but think about it.  One of toothpaste’s several functions is to eliminate odor caused by food, so that less than desirable garlic aroma won’t stand a chance.  Note: this does not mean it is okay to brush your teeth with dish soap.  Please do not do that...

7.  Cutting Strawberries: StrawberriesStrawberries, while sinfully delicious, can often times be difficult to cut into thin, manageable pieces for use as toppers in cereal and parfaits.  Use an egg slicer to quickly transform your strawberry into a dozen deliciously pristine little wedges.


 Preparing and handling food can at times be a frustrating process.  But it does not have to be!  Hope you enjoy these fantastic little Food Life Hacks.  Happy eating!