Have you ever wanted to talk to the cute girl next door but you are too shy? Have you ever stood in front of a crowd and find yourself cold as a statue? Have you ever screwed up a company presentation because you lacked confidence? Do not fear, here are several exercises to help you overcome your insecurities.

1. Talk to yourself

Practice convincing yourself that you are someone who everyone likes. Literally talk to yourself and tell yourself things like “everyone wants to be with me”. Do it in front of a mirror if you need to. It may seem weird and even a bit crazy at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll realize that the only person who can convince yourself is you.

2. Read books

Read, read and read some more because the problems you are facing was probably solved by a lot of people years ago. Whatever insecurities you find with yourself, someone has already passed through the same experience. Learn from those who have succeeded and know that you are not a hopeless case.

3. Open up

Talk about anything and everything you can think of with anyone that would bother listening. This may be quite difficult at first but once you do it, you’ll find out that it is so simple. Being social is in the nature of humans, it’s just that sometimes our mind forgets. Recalibrate your mind to do what it needs to do.

4. Surround yourself with confident people

Confidence is like a virus – it spreads. Surround yourself with confident people and sooner rather than later you will feel confident about yourself too. Stay away from cocky people though; these people would only make you feel worse.

5. Do something different

Do things that you have not done before – paint, ride a unicycle or compose a song – anything that is not in your daily routine. This will help you welcome new things into your life making you more welcome to changes about yourself.

6. Dress up

Insecurities come from not feeling good about yourself because other people tell you so. If so, pamper yourself and create a masterpiece, something that all those around you would drool at.

7. Do it afraid

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the ability to act even when fear is present. Most people think that failing equates to the world ending. Here’s the truth – no one really cares if you fail but you. Once you understand that failing is just another experience, you will find that your insecurities are nothing but an illusion created by your mind.