You may have a small bathroom, but you can definitely trick the eye into thinking this is bigger than it actually is. One can do this by using lines in a creative way, curved objects and texture. Just by placing certain things at an angle, for example, you will start to see a big difference. 

Get rid of all of your clutter and get organized with storage that does not take up a lot of room.  You will also start to see that a bathroom remodel like this is not going to break the bank.

A Look at Storage

Horizontal lines are going to give you feeling that you are closed in, so go with something vertical instead. If you are looking at a towel rail, you need to go for something that is in the shape of the ladder and put that against the wall. There is lots available in different textures that will combine nicely with the rest of your decor.

A cabinet built into the wall is perfect because you can place a mirror in front of this. All the essentials can be placed in here. If you can’t manage this, have a couple of open shelves because they give you a sense of airiness.

The Best Tiles

If you have a vertical strip of tiles going all the way around, it gives the illusion that the room is that much bigger. This can look really good, and will give your bathroom a little color that it may be lacking. A curved line of mosaics, right around the room also help add to the spacial aspect.

bathroom tiles

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Use light colored tiles for your small bathroom because these are going to reflect the light a lot more than darker colors. Of course, you can hint of brown or beige to break it up, but the bathroom will definitely look bigger with colors that are light in tone. Use the same tiles on the floor that are on the walls. This is going to add to the spacious look and feel of the bathroom.

Types of Mirrors

A mirror plays a big part, but it all depends on where you place it and how you position it. If you have a couple of these, you will definitely be on a role. If you are looking into a mirror, with additional mirrors placed behind you, they will immediately add to the perspective. This is also practical because it helps when you are putting your makeup on.

You can also try tilt a big mirror towards you, and this will act as a central focal point. You wouldn’t want to have any fancy frame on here because that is just going to close it in.

Textures and Themes

zen bathroomCertain themes which are known to use textures that are simple, help create a bathroom that is unique when it comes to size.

For example, if you think of the minimalistic design or something like a Zen bathroom, a certain type of décor will pop into your head.

There is no clutter, and yet people who like this style find it extremely therapeutic. Of course, it is not for everyone, so you have to find something that suits you.

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Color is everything, and with Asian themes, you often see rich dark colors, using lots of dark browns. This is combined with lighting, which brings the wood and color of the walls out even more.

Use a glass shower door instead of curtains. Mix your textures well, so you could have a few tiles along with some wood as well.

The Toilet

This is probably going to be the most expensive item on the agenda, unless you are remodelling everything in the bathroom. The best thing is to get yourself a hanging toilet for a small bathroom because this fits right up against the wall. The tank is also hidden, so it is the ideal thing.

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What Color Paint for a small bathroom?

If you have not treated your bathroom to a fresh coat of paint in a color that is going to bring it out, then do that now. White would always be the first choice because it stands out as a classic, but if you are looking for a color, go with something pale. Choose a pastel, such as pale pink or yellow. Something that is too bright will make the bathroom feel smaller once again. Of course, you may just decide to tile your entire bathroom, but this is your choice.


This is a great way to add a little depth into your bathroom. In addition to that, it is something that you definitely need in terms of practicality. There are all sorts of lights that you can use, but it really depends on your situation. A good idea is to place spotlights at either end of your mirror where you normally work.

This would be your focal point. You want to make sure it creates a sense of balance and that the lights reflect sideways as well. It is also popular to have a couple of big bright lights on the ceiling. They won’t take up space, and you will be able to see exactly what you are doing.

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