So…you have a lot of stuff.  Work stuff.  Desk stuff.  House stuff.  Stuff stuff.  We get it.  Human beings love stuff.  Luckily for us, accumulating stuff is easy.  But accumulating space to keep your stuff?  Well…that’s not quite as simple.  Unless you live someplace where space is abundant – say, Old McDonald’s Farm or on the moon – organization is the key to space management.  Getting organized – while perhaps overwhelming at first glance – plays a major part in living a productive, fulfilling life.  Check out these seven, fantastic organizational hacks to help you maximize drawer space, double the size of your closet, and store your baby’s clothes like a champ.

1.  Maximize Drawer Space: 

Drawer StorageCredit: Pintrest

One of the burdens of being really, really ridiculously good looking is fitting fantastically into all sorts of outfits.  But getting all those clothes to fit inside your limited storage space?  That’s another story.  Try storing items like T-shirts or jeans vertically to maximize space.  Set up your drawer like a filing cabinet, with items folded and vertically aligned with one another.

2.  Save Closet Space:

Folding t-shirts vertically not enough? (See “Burdens of Being Really, Really Ridiculously Good Looking” above)  Time to move on to the closet.  Take a soda can tab and thread it through the hook of one of your closet hangers.  Once the tab is hanging at the hook’s base, hang a second hanger from the open hole in the soda can tab.  With a flash of David Blaine-type magic, you have just created a double hanger.  Same amount of space, twice as many clothes.  Boo-yah. 

3.  Keep Cords Organized:

Cords and chargers are a lot like Einstein’s hair: Brilliant in the grand scheme of things, but a complete mess at first glance.  Even after wrapping neatly, cords often manage to become tangled up once again when stored with other cords.  (The hormones in these things…)  To avoid turning your chargers and connectors into a high fiber pile of AV spaghetti, trying storing your cords in used paper towel tubes.  Slide your neatly wrapped cords into the tubes and then store them either upright or on their sides depending on the size of your space.  To avoid cord confusion, label the outside of the tube with a marker. 

4.  Store Jewelry Neatly:

Does your jewelry drawer look like a messy treasure trove of priceless 15th century artifacts?  Neither does ours.  But it is a mess.  How about using an ice cube tray to keep your jewelry neat? Jewelry in an Ice TrayCredit: Derrymore Ice cube trays are inexpensive, slide neatly into most drawers, and are loaded with small indentations perfect for pieces of jewelry.  Plus, doesn’t it make sense to keep your ice in a tray?

5.  Save Fridge Door Space:

Space on the outside of your refrigerator is a lot like Manhattan real estate – there’s not that much of it, and it’s always in demand.  A great way to handle the overflow of A+ papers and party invites (or to keep that surface clear altogether) is to hang a cork board on the inside of a pantry or cupboard door.  Your lists and notes will not mind their new digs – Manhattan is overrated anyway.

6.  Store Baby Clothes:

So…you’ve had a baby.  Congratulations!  Word on the street is these next years will be some of the best and most exciting of your life.  That being said, though you may have reproduced, we are willing to bet your storage space has not.  If space is tight, try using a shoe organizer to store your baby’s clothes.  Hang the shoe organizer on the back of your closet door.  Then, roll up and slide each garment into one of the pouches.  Depending on the garment’s type and material (or size of your baby), you should be able to house anywhere from one to five articles per pouch.

7.  Keeping Sink Accessories Organized:

The area immediately surrounding your kitchen sink can often be somewhat of a zoning nightmare.  Since your sink is one of the most used tools in your kitchen, it can be difficult to justify cleaning, drying, and (most importantly) stashing away all your sink accessories – we’re talking brushes, scrubbers, dish wands, etc. – when chances are, you’ll just be grabbing them again.  This can create a bit of a hodge-podge on your sink-side real estate.  To keep this part of your kitchen neat, try storing your sink accessories in a vase right beside the faucet.  They’ll be out of the way, yet easily accessible should you have the sudden urge to scrub.

Organizing your stuff can be a rewarding (and, dare we say…fun) activity if you know the tricks of the trade and how to go about it.  Hopefully, these awesome little hacks will help keep your life organized.  Enjoy your stuff!