If you are like most people, you likely wonder about the health benefits of inversion therapy. Although inversion therapy is often associated with pain relief, proponents of this type of therapy report numerous other benefits. If you are considering inversion therapy as an approach to better health, it is important to learn about its many health benefits. 

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1. Inversion therapy provides back pain relief. The reason that the therapy often works for back pain is that it decompresses the discs. In turn, decompression of the discs allows the spine to realign itself. 

Being in an inverted or inclined position contributes to better circulation. Better blood flow is associated with pain relief and reduced inflammation. Many who have benefited from this type of therapy compare the health benefits of inversion therapy to seeing a chiropractor but without the expense.   

Tense muscles are another reason for back pain. Improved blood flow supplies the muscles with the nutrients they need to work efficiently. It also helps release stress from the muscles. Thus, healthy muscles are often equivalent to a pain-free back, but there’s more. Neck and shoulder pain are other health benefits that result from improved circulation and stress-free muscles, according to InversionTherapyReviews.org.      

2. Inversion therapy improves lymphatic function. The lymphatic system includes the lymph glands and the lymph fluid, which carries hormones and important chemicals. Such chemicals and hormones serve as messengers. The body uses them to transmit messages and signals to various organs. Proper organ function depends on proper lymph circulation. 

Unlike blood, which is pumped by the heart, lymph fluid does not have a pump. Instead, lymph vessels have one-way valves. The only way to re-circulate the fluid is through muscle motion. 

Unfortunately, due to inactivity, people often experience stagnation of the lymph fluid. This in turn leads to chronic inflammation, a compromised immune system and poor health. Inversion therapy allows the lymph fluid to flow back up and throughout your body, carrying nutrients and chemicals to all your organs.    

3. Detoxify your body through inversion therapy. Another function of the lymphatic system is to carry away toxins from unhealthy cells and tissues, as well as to carry away foreign particles such as viruses, cholesterol, bacteria and large proteins that leak out of the bloodstream. 

Since inversion therapy improves circulation of the lymph fluid, it also helps to detoxify your body and improve general health.

4. Improved brain function - another health benefit of inversion therapy. Besides carrying oxygen to the organs in your body, it nourishes brain cells by supplying them with necessary nutrients, glucose and oxygen. 

Better nourishment to the brain contributes to the formation of new neurotransmitters, which are essential for proper brain function, according to Dr. Robert A. Martin, author of “The Gravity Guiding System.” Neurotransmitters are chemicals that promote mental health, affect attention and arousal, and control movement. This in turn results in  mental alertness and  improved physical reactions. 

5. Inversion therapy eliminates constipation. While lying in an inverted position, gravity causes stool to move from the ileocecal valve, a muscle located at the junction of the small and large intestines. It then passes into the large intestine for elimination. 

When standing, the stool moves against gravity. When in an inverted position, it moves with gravity, allowing it to pass more easily, according to EvolutionHealth.com.  

6. Inversion therapy promotes hair regrowth. Improved circulation to the scalp supplies hair follicles with minerals, vitamins, oxygen and other chemicals needed for a healthy scalp. This in turn reduces hair loss and  promotes new hair growth.  

7. Relieve pain due to varicose veins. Veins become enlarged due to stagnant blood. Inversion therapy allows blood to circulate freely, thus relieving pain. Increased energy is still another benefit when you implement inversion therapy as part of your health regimen.

Although inversion therapy can result in numerous health benefits, you should avoid it if you are a woman who is pregnant. Additionally, if you suffer from high blood pressure or have glaucoma, you should avoid inversion therapy unless you consult your health care advisor before starting the therapy. 

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