Come so Far

When it comes to entertaining the kids, you can always count on the phrase "Big Things Come In Small Packages". With technology advancing at an exponential rate and simultaneously getting smaller, a lot of fun can be had for a small child without it being a burden to carry. So if you often go on long family vacations and simply need a way to keep the kids busy while you focus on getting to where you need to go, a 7 inch portable DVD player from Phillips might be what you need. Philips has a wide selection of portable DVD players that are hugely popular on Amazon. They're easy to use, affordable and a great way to obtain peace and quiet on your next roadtrip.

7 Inch Dual Screen Portable DVD Players

Now, if you don't mind spending a bit extra for the Blu-ray format, Philips has Dual Screen Blu-ray players that can be mounted to your headrests for vivid in-car-entertainment. Of course, small toddlers may not know the difference ( or even care) between the two formats, making the DVD players a bit more practical. No need spending too much money on the extra features when they'll enjoy a DVD movie just the same. It all depends on your personal situation. One thing to take note though, all of their portable DVD players are compatible with NTSC and PAL discs, which is great for those who travel international a lot. They have various 7 inch Dual Screen models like their PD7012/37 and the PET7402/37.

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7 Inch Portable DVD Players

When it comes to portable DVD players for individual use, Philips offers their 7 inch players in a wide variety of colors. So if a child (or you) have a color preference, there might be one specifically designed for you - from turquoise, to purple and red. Philips 7 inch portable DVD players have a 2 hour battery life which is long enough to watch at least one movie before needing another charge. They come with car and AC adapters as well to keep the entertainment going. The 2 hour battery life might not been that exciting if you often go on extended road trips, but keeping the volume at a decent level, using headphones, and turning down the LCD back lighting will ensure you get all you can get out of your battery. Each colored portable DVD player is matched with white giving it a nice clean and vibrant look. You may have a hard time finding them on Amazon, but you can purchase those from the website.

Other Sizes and Price

You can find Philips portable DVD players in various sizes. Their 9 inch portable DVD players don't come in too many different colors - mainly white and black - but they do have one with silver and black design. It's the 7 inch players that are a bit more playful in color. You can also find them all under a hundred bucks. No need to spend too much money on something if it's just for a toddler. They can often be too rough on electronics so you'll need something that's durable, but won't have you pulling your hair out every time they pick it up.

Next Generation

A 7 inch portable DVD player from Philips is adequate enough for small children, yet can suit an adult just fine. Philips has various models that support DVD and Blu-ray formats. Their portable Blu-ray player also supports DVD discs so if you didn't mind shelling out the extra money for the device, it'd still give you value in that you wouldn't have to trade all your DVD movies in for Blu-ray. The low cost of their devices compensates for the low battery life. If you want a longer battery life, try their 9 inch models which boasts up to 5 hours of playback time.