Unique anniversary gifts will keep your loved one surprised from year to year. It can help you to make new memories too. Stores like Vermont Teddy Bear Company and GiftBaskets.com have a variety of anniversary presents. Here are seven less predictable anniversary gifts:

1. Collections

If you want to simplify gift giving from year to year, then start a collection. This could be a different teddy bear or even a new serving piece for your wedding china set.

2. Unique Takes on the Anniversary Chart

There are both traditional and modern versions of anniversary charts. This is going to have different material for each anniversary. It will also vary depending if you are in the United States or the United Kingdom. The first traditional anniversary material is paper. This could be a heart felt love letter or poem. You could also make simple origami hearts that you can use as a wrapping decoration.

3. Unusual Floral Bouquets

If you want to change up the basic bouquet of flowers, consider going with an edible option. You can get bouquets of cookies in the shape of hearts or roses.

4. Sentimental Gifts

You can recreate some aspects of your wedding day, such as the food that was at your wedding for a memorable meal. You can also incorporate the actual wedding photos into a unique gift. Look for a quilt kit that allows you to use pictures. This could just be a smaller wall hanging. It might have pockets where you can put photos or it will use a transfer medium.

5. Jewelry

While jewelry is a traditional anniversary gift for women, it can also work well for men. If he envies his friends’ tungsten wedding bands, then maybe you should upgrade his. You could also give him a sterling silver ID bracelet with a special message or your wedding date engraved on it. For women, you can change up the typical style of anniversary band. Go for a wider version that she can wear without her engagement ring, although this will be a little bit more expensive. If it doesn’t fit with her engagement ring, she can wear it on her other hand.

6. Home Decor

Anniversary plaques are another common gift. Give a pack of vinyl wall decal letters. Then you can put your last name as well as the date you were married. This can mimic a lot of popular home decor plaques if you use the word established in front of the date. You could also have a wedding photo custom printed on canvas or turned into an illustration. It could also be a tradition to have new family portraits taken every year.

7. Second Takes

Was there a part of your big day that didn’t go as planned? One of the most romantic options will be going back and trying to create better memories surrounding a wedding disaster. This might mean that you have formal dance lessons instead of going out for the typical dinner.