If you have been checking out cruise specials on websites like Hotwire and Orbitz, you may have noticed that Mexico has some of the most popular ports of call. You can find cruises that sail along the Mexican Riviera on two separate coastlines. You can experience Los Cabos that is at the tip of the Baja peninsula, or Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo that are on the mainland's coast.

All of the Mexican ports of call offer sandy beaches, year round fiestas, great shopping experiences, icy margaritas and of course some amazing shore excursions. While all the Mexican ports of call offer up a sunny climate, each is unique in its own way. Below are the ports of call that you can visit on your next Mexican cruise.

1. Acapulco

Acapulco has been Mexico's oldest resort destination since the 1940's and even though in the 1970's it seemed to fade, it made a huge comeback in the 1990's and is still a favorite among international jet setters. The amazing views off the coastline offer up championship golf courses, fine dining, high end shops and of course the famous cliff divers.

2. Cozumel

This intriguing Caribbean location offers up one of the world's most famous diving centers where more than 85,000 dives are hosted each year. The surrounding area offers lush gardens and exotic birds, as well as a rich historical culture that the town so proudly preserves.

3. Ensenada

This port of call is 65 miles south of the international border and is located on the Baja peninsula. This popular port offers cruisers a chance to hang out at the oldest bar in the Baja peninsula that dates back to 1892, and visit the beautiful wineries in the area.

4. Ixtapa

A famous golf destination, Ixtapa offers up high rise hotels, fine dining and various handicraft establishments. You can still find gators lounging at the pond in this once sleepy plantation.

5. Los Cabos

This location is on the rugged end of the Baja peninsula and offers cruisers lush golf courses, five star resorts, sparkling beaches and some of the finest fishing in the country. This popular port of call is a party town for cruisers, with a variety of bars, boutiques and plenty of festivities throughout the year.

6. Mazatlan

This is Mexico's largest west coast cities and offers up miles of sandy beaches. You can find golf carts lining the rugged streets that haul visitors through the carnival-like town. The area offers up beautiful golf courses, courageous cliff divers, sport fishing and an assortment of unique boutiques.

7. Puerto Vallarta

This area offers romantic hillsides, amazing resorts, art centers and an over abundance of shopping experiences. Take the trimaran cruise over to the fishing villages of Yelepa and Las Animas or a jeep safari through the hilly back country.

Mexico is an amazing country that is filled with culture, history and romance. No matter what port you decide to visit, you will find something to make your visit memorable.