If you are looking for a review of the product, "How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes or Less", then read on. This review will cover what the 7 minute articles product has done for me, the techniques it teaches and how you can benefit from what you learn. When you have finished reading this review you should clearly see how purchasing this product is a very small investment with a very large return.

I purchased the "7 minute article package" after it was referred to me by several internet marketing colleagues. I had previously been paying for articles to be written for me and was dissapointed by both the quality I received and the lack of reliability in the writers that I found. I wanted to take the writing of my articles into my own hands but needed a formula to write an article faster and more concisely.

After purchasing the product, I spent a couple of hours digesting the materials before diving into my first article. It was such a relief to suddenly have clarity when writing an article and to be able to write my first concise, well written article in 25 minutes down from my normal 60 minutes plus. It takes practice to write articles in 7 minutes and I honestly don't think that most people can get there and consistently maintain such a speed. However, you will certainly double your article writing speed and you will have an easier time writing articles as well. While I can not obviously give away the techniques, I can give you a glimpse into the 7 minute article approach.

The 7 minute article package comes with videos and written material and bonuses such as "how to turn 1 article into 8" which I think is even more valuable then the original information. The approach is broken down into three parts which includes research, writing and proof reading.

Research was always my biggest bottleneck so I was thrilled to learn a simple system for quickly grabbing snippets of information and creating an outline for my article. Jason Fladlien, the creator of 7 Minute Articles claims the research can be done in about 2 minutes using this approach. A few minutes of research was a more realistic estimate for me. Next is writing the article. The refreshing thing I learned here is that it you don't need to write as much compelling content as you think. Opening and closing template paragraphs are provided which allow you to plug in the main points from your research in a timely and organized fashion. Last comes proof reading which is pretty self explanatory. Look out for serious mistakes but do not do any rewriting. Spell check is clearly helpful.

I wrote 8 or 9 articles in my spare time after buying the product and quickly paid it off in the money I saved having a writer do the work for me. This is what made me realize what a great investment I had made and gave me some ideas about how I could further benefit from the knowledge I had gained.

Besides writing articles for promoting your website or even essays for school, the 7 minute article techniques, can be used to make you money. Ghost writing is in great demand and it is easy to get paid for writing articles. If you only made $5 per article that would be $40 an hour however, good article writers make more than that. Do the math and you'll see that you can make over $6,000 a month if you ghost write full time using these techniques.

People are thrilled to find good writers at reasonable rates and will turn into return customers quickly. I put up one post on one forum advertising my writing services and quickly landed a repeat customer who ordered multiple articles in the course of a week and needs more articles written in the coming days. Writing these articles has earned me a few extra dollars in my spare time. I otherwise would have wasted that time watching TV or aimlessly surfing the internet. Instead, I made some money.

Now that you've read my review of "How to Write an Article in 7 Minutes or Less", you should see the potential of article writing in a whole new light. The formula provided will give you clarity in writing articles. You'll learn to double your article writing speed. Lastly, the investment you make in this product will be quickly recovered and you can even earn extra money with your new skills or create a whole new career.

Although this article took me more than 7 minutes to write since it's twice as long as a standard 7 minutes article, I used the techniques I learned to write it. There is a 100% money back guarantee on the product so you've got nothing to loose by trying it. If you take my experience to heart, you'll see that you've actually got a lot to gain.

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