One of the most intimidating things for a man to do is walk up to a woman and leave with her phone number. They say it's a man's world but sometimes that means nothing when you get the dreaded "No way". Let's put you in the driver's seat and lay down some tips that can increase your chances of getting those seven digits.

The one thing that a man has that no one can take away is his confidence. Sure it may be hard to find sometimes but it never really leaves. This intangible item is the main ingredient that a man needs to land a woman. Your approach is everything and to approach her confidently is roughly fifty percent of the battle.

When you spot a woman that you are interested in the first thing that you want to do is break the ice. This involves that word that we have been talking about called confidence. Instead of walking up to her and asking her what her name is, you should try to get her attention in an original way. If she is holding a set of bags in her hands in the mall just walk up to her and assist her. This will allow you time to make conversation and you are already making brownie points because of your ability to care. You can also assist a woman by opening a door for her or even paying for her meal before she even pulls out her purse.

Once you earn your "Gentleman of the Year" trophy, make sure that you try to say something that lets her know that you are amusing. This also requires confidence. Ask her what she likes to do and if she has any interest in the local area. By getting little pieces of information from her you will learn to say the things that spark her interest. If she enjoys baseball, talk to her about who she expects in the World Series. This will set a comfort level in her mind about you and will open the door for other conversation.

Last but not least is the dreaded phone number tasking. This will take an incredible amount of confidence to do but, we are ready. We will ask her for her phone number to invite her to a place that sparks her interest. If you are discussing singing and you know that it is an interest to her, ask her to accompany you to a concert. There is a lot of intrinsic value behind your question and unless she flat out doesn't like you will give you a yes and the Holy Grail that follows…her phone number. Play to the interest of a woman and you will see success in your dating life.

Just remember that the common denominator for success with women is confidence. With that trait you will go very far. It's not guaranteed that you will get a phone number every time with this pick up women guide, but it is definitely good advice to keep in your arsenal.