Since currently there is a considerable chance that we might all lose our homes/condos because the next great depression is on the horizon I thought I would try a little experiment. Not so much willingly but getting trapped at a ski resort without a hotel room and no sober means of safely getting home I decided to try sleeping in my car last weekend. If we believe the great fear mongers on television this new economic down turn will destroy us all in a matter of weeks and we will all be sleeping in a car. Unlike the aspect that the majority of economic down turns last about 16 months; based on the severity of this one probably 24 months, it is more than likely things will bounce back.I doubt I will have to sell my Mont Tremblant Condo but just in case here are a few tips for all those who spend a great deal of their time snowboarding or doing out door activities and have had to sleep in a car.

1. bring extra socks. This is an survival essential technique of sleeping in a cold environment. I live in Canada and when I was in the service we had to remain spend about a week living off the land in the middle of winter in order to pass our mountain combat trainning. essentially every part of my body that counted was wrapped in my extra socks at the end of it.

2. do not eat mexican food. farts stink. living in a fart cloud in the back of a honda civic is less fun.

3. take off your jacket if you are sleeping in a car. a winter jacket will cause you to sweat. sweat freezes and causes hypothermia. not cool.

4. ensure that you have a place to pee. I used an old gatorade bottle.

5. If there are other people in the car, make sure that they close the door after getting back in from using the facilities.

6. crack the windows a little bit every few hours. You will be woken up a few times over the course of the night, let fresh air in to help ensure that you remain healthy.

7. Remember that it is kinda like camping. I remember when I was younger I had to sleep at a bus stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere because the bus stopped running at 2:30 in the morning. I kept myself from completely freaking out by thinking about camping. Sleeping at a bus in downtown Ottawa is much scarier than sleeping in a car in Northern Quebec.

Hope you enjoyed this brief guide. For more tips check out my 7 Tips for Sleeping in your Car at a Ski Resort