Just imagine you are walking by the food carts or a mobile food truck. In no time your mouth starts watering and you become hungry. That’s because of the scent receptors in your nasal cavity that sends signal to your brain about that mouth-watering food. I believe the best way to experience the local cuisine is not by sitting in fine restaurants but by tasting its street food. In this article I would be taking you through the '7 most delicious street food around the world ' you cannot resist. 

You are about to get real hungry. Let's begin. 

CurrywurstCredit: marie-charlotte-gras.monipag

1. Currywurst (Germany) 

Currywurst began as a humble comfort food for construction workers in Berlin. This German comfort food quickly became famous as it complemented well with the countries most adored drink, the beer. The appetizing Currywurst has been just a mere mixture of a tomato curry sauce poured over pork sausages, dusted with curry powder, and served with some soft pieces of dough or French fries. If you travel all across Germany you would find many versions of spicy currywurst as well as the classic. Today it’s Germany’s favorite food and deserves at number one in the list because it’s the only street food around the world which has its own museum.jerk chickenCredit: google 

2. Jerk Chicken (Jamaica) 

Just the thought of a tender jerk chicken with a side of rice and kidney beans makes me hungry. It is one of the most cherished delicacies exported out of Jamaica. The light peppery, smoky flavor of the pimento wood adds to the fiery passion of the jerk chicken. Marinating includes at least pimento marinade which is an allspice, a blend of Scotch bonnet peppers, sweet ginger and green onions. From food carts to restaurants jerk chicken is cooked in various ways. It has definitely made its soft touch all over the globe, particularly in Europe. 

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 3. Chicken Rice (Singapore) 

The journey of chicken rice started on an island off to the south China coast. The island was Hainan, hence it is likewise called a Hainanese chicken rice. Chicken Rice is prepared with a rich flavored rice pre-fried in chicken fat and then cooked in chicken soup.  After steaming for some time chicken turns a bit pinkish. The dark brown roasted chicken is served with the specially cooked rice. The dish is then served with a chili sauce, chicken soup, garlic and ginger. Chicken soup garnished with spring onion would be a delight to your palate. To make sure the tenderness of the chicken some chefs add lime to their chili sauce. Chicken rice has a humble beginning serving only on the streets, but now it is a most ordered dish even in hotels.

FalafalCredit: www.sfgate.com


4. Falafel (Israel)

 Have you ever heard two neighboring countries arguing about a comfort food and it's existence. Falafel is so delicious that in a recent time, both Arabs & Israel claim it as their own delicacies. In my opinion after music, food brings people together and it shouldn’t matter. Anyways, falafel is undoubtedly one of the best street food you would ever have. Falafel is basically a fried ball of seasoned chickpeas spiced with a peeled onion, cumin, coriander, fresh pepper, there’s also, fresh parsley a bit of garlic, and coriander usually thrown into the admixture. To hold the falafel balls its usually served in a pita. Tahini sauce and a salad of chopped tomato and cucumber serves as the basic toppings, but you can also add hummus, French fries, pickled veggies and cheese. Savor the flavor. 

best Vietnamese street foodCredit: www.travelovietnam.com


  5.Banh Mi (Vietnam)

Bánh Mì is possibly the best Vietnamese street food. When Anthony Bourdain tasted this fresh, genuine Vietnamese Sandwich in his show ‘No Reservations’ it triggered the worldwide obsession to find the best Banh Mi in Vietnam. Banh mi is both the name of the sandwich and the bread. A world-class bahn mi starts with the bread, fresh, oven-warm and aromatic sliced French baguette, spread with a home-made pâté, and custom filled with meat of choice usually barbecued pork, ham, or a salami. And then the veggies: crisp, thin-sliced cucumber, pickled daikon radish and carrots, a fistful of cilantro and if you are a chili lover sufficient chili sauce is added to the sandwich. 

BurekCredit: www.visitljubljana.com


6. Burek (Turkey) 

Traditionally it was baked with no filling with stewed crushed meat and fresh onions. Today it is found in different forms and variations depending on the country and area. Basically filo pastry is a crumbling layered pie, round and filled with spinach, cheese and with minced meat, herbs, then turned over, glossed with butter or olive oil and broiled till golden. It is  tasty, with crisp layers outside and soft billowy layers in between the fillings and is best when eaten straight out of the oven.  It is not necessarily the best thing for your health, however you will never forget the taste. 

best Mexican street foodCredit: www.dineouthere.com

  7. Quesadilla (Mexico) 

Mexican recipes are spicy and full of spirit. Mexican food is highly celebrated in the United States may it be tacos, enchiladas, burritos, or quesadillas. Quesadillas, an authentic Mexican food actually also have its roots in Spanish traditions as well. So It is a perfect amalgamation of two traditions, producing one of the best Mexican street food. A real authentic Mexican quesadilla starts with that freshly ground corn maze, and so a great glob of soft dough roll into a circle and placed on a hot grill. It's cooked and filled with shredded Oaxacan or Chihuahua string cheese and folded over into a semicircle. Once it turns golden brown, it's then cut into wedges and can be served with guacamole salsa and sour cream. Often, best toppings are diced tomatoes, raw onions, a well sliced cabbage, lettuce and a bit of  jalapenos.

The List? 

Street food is more than just food for me, it's every step in existence, right from its history to the point where I would enjoy its taste is an experience that helps me know more about one's culture and tradition. The soul of street food around the world is not the way how it began,  it is now customized according to your taste losing its own character. However, there are many amazing street food  around the world that very well deserves a place in the list. I would have loved to add the burger, shawarma, chili crab, pork satay, lamb kebab etc. into the list, but the authenticity of the food was a primary focal point. I hope you enjoy and cherish these '7 must try street food around the world' at least once in your life.

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