If you’re thinking of creating a dessert for a family function or just your next dinner you may wish to consider creating one of these delicious famous cakes. A flavor that everyone easily recognizes means your guests will be more likely to try one of these cake recipes. Experiment with different icing options when making one of these famous cakes for different taste buds. A famous cake recipe is similar to a classic flavor so means you have the opportunity to add icing to make it unique.

Carrot Cake

This is an age old favorite that takes veggies and turns them on their end in a delicious famous cake. It’s such a popular famous cake recipe that there are a wide range of options to choose from when looking for a certain way to bake this dessert. Try searching for cake recipe that uses all natural or organic ingredients to make an even better treat. The butter cream frosting is delicious and may have family members fighting over who gets to lick the spoon or the bowl. If you’re considering ways to make it a healthy cake recipe then think about utilizing one of the many sugar substitutes out there and go sugar free.

Yellow Cake

This is the most perfect of the famous cakes for decorating. It’s possible to let your creative side fully hang out when making this cake recipe. Different colored icings will work wonderfully with this sweet cake. Use it for a birthday or any special function. There are many ways to mix up this famous cake recipe, some of which include tricks and secrets to baking it and doing so in a healthier manner. Once it’s baked and cooled then it’s possible to have a blast decorating the cake in just the manner you think the lucky person you baked it for would like it. Have tools around so you’re able to make the cake look as professional as it will taste.


Cheesecake is a famous cake that offers some of the widest ranges of ways to enjoy it. Some people choose to top this cake with syrups and others select fruit. Cherry topping, strawberry topping and even blueberries are usual companions to this cake. This famous cake recipe usually doesn’t require a person to toss it in the oven so it is very easy to want to make on a hot day. It’s a cake recipe that is rich and tastes delicious with coffee in the afternoon. Because it’s a cake that is often served chilled it’s an easy hit for a hot summer day.

Because cheesecake is such a famous cake there are many different flavors of the cake itself. A true famous cake recipe is one that is easy to experiment with and make into your own. When it comes to a cake recipe that is very adaptable there really isn’t anything out there that can handle all the different flavors as tastefully as this cake does. No matter what your favorite flavor of cake is there’s a good chance that you can enjoy a cheesecake in this flavor.

Chocolate Cake

This is not only a famous cake, but a classic and an all-time favorite. It can be made as an ice cream cake; it can be eaten with ice-cream or enjoyed for a birthday or celebration. There are flavors that use fruit or coconut and other famous cake recipes that like to have nuts sprinkled over it. Try this cake recipe with flavored frosting or using nuts and enjoy it the next time you’re looking for a good dessert to make. It’s a great cake to also make for special dietary needs.

Because chocolate is so many people’s favorite flavor it’s one of the best of the famous cakes. If you’re getting ready to make a cake for an event and are unsure of what people would like combine this famous cake recipe with that of a yellow cake recipe so that you can solve more than one craving at a time.

Spice Cake

This is a famous cake that is more often paired with coffee and tea than many other flavors of cake that are out there. It’s a flavor that has many different cake recipes for people to choose from. It’s one of the older known famous cake recipes and therefore has options that have very few ingredients making it one of the easier cakes for a person to make.

Lemon Cake

If you’re looking at famous cakes and wishing for something that has a light and crisp flavor you should consider a lemon cake. The ingredients that are often found in this famous cake recipe make it easy to turn out a final dessert that is light and delicious. These are qualities that separate the truly wonderful from the merely bland when looking at all the different cake recipes that are available for baking.

Pumpkin Cake

Instead of going with the traditional pie at your next holiday dinner consider this famous cake instead. Being able to offer something that is slightly different; yet just as flavorful and not too far away from what the menu calls for, will get many people talking about your dinner for some time. Sometimes all it takes to be one of the famous cake recipes is the ability to be different while still being quite similar. It has been known for a non-traditional cake recipe to be served on a day that it isn’t known to and for it to receive poor feedback. This often has nothing to do with the actual taste of the cake and more to do with people not liking change.

Baking a cake can be a fantastic way to bond with your children or partner. This list gives a wide enough variety it should be relatively simple to come up with a cake that the whole family can enjoy. Spend a few minutes finding a recipe together and then spend some time in the kitchen unwinding and telling each other about your day while baking a delicious famous cake.