If you get the feeling like your running is stalling and you can feel your motivation slipping away try putting these basic steps in place to give you a kick in the pants and help take your running up
a level.

Set Yourself a Goal

The first and easiest step to improving your running is to set yourself a goal. This doesn’t have to be an epic running achievement but it needs to be big enough to get you excited. Distance, speed and run frequency are all good places to start when deciding on a goal but take care not to aim too far a head or you could be setting yourself up to fail before you even get started.

Record Your Runs

If you’re not already doing this then you are missing out on some very easy motivation. There are many ways of recording runs online such as Run Keeper and Running AHEAD. The simplest method of recording your runs of course is to make a note in a running diary. Note down how you felt before, during and after your runs, what the weather was like and keep a weekly distance total. By recording this information your running progress will become apparent and fuel your motivation. There is no better motivation than progress.

Register For a Race Event

Find an organised event that suits your current running level and register for it. Do it sooner rather than later. You will feel better when you’ve done it and all of a sudden your running will have a purpose and you will be running for a reason and with more focus. If you have a charity that is close to your heart then get in touch with them and tell them what you’re doing and raise some money.

Treat yourself to some new running gear, but hold it back!

Buy yourself that new pink running vest you’ve had your eye on. Hang it up somewhere where you can see it when you're getting ready for a run but don’t allow yourself to run in it until you reach a certain number of miles, or a certain number of runs or beat your current personal best.

Run an unfamiliar route

Maybe your running is getting stale because you are bored with the same old route. Get a local map out or fire up Google Maps and pick another route around your home town. Don’t be restricted to just your local surroundings either. Take a trip to a neighbouring town or catch a train into the countryside. Maybe visit a distant friend for the weekend and arrange a run together.

Run at a new time

The monotony of your regular runs could be caused by when you are running. If possible try running at a completely different time of day. Even the busiest of runners usually get a choice of time for at least for one of their weekly runs, so switch it up a bit. It still surprises me how many people have yet to try running in the early morning.


Buy a subscription to your favorite running magazine 

If you’re the kind of person who still enjoys the feel of a real magazine in your hands then why not take out a subscription to your favorite running magazine. The regular thud as your magazine pops through your letter box will serve as a regular reminder to get your running gear on and get out and run, and of course the magazine will be full of tasty articles and product reviews.

Running motivation is of course a very person thing and what works for one runner may not work for another. Try a few of the above suggestions out and maybe you'll discover some much needed motivation.