You don't have to lose your personality just because there's a dress code at work. You can still be work appropriate while keeping up with at least some of the latest fashion trends. Stores like Anne Klein and Ann Taylor LOFT sell fashionable suits. Here are seven office appropriate looks that are still trendy:

1. Unusual Necklines

If your office has a lot of say in what color you wear, then you need to really play around with the silhouette. Look for a Mandarin collar or a jewel neckline for your suit. Depending on the buttons, you can either wear a plain camisole underneath or just wear it as a shirt jacket instead of a traditional button down shirt.

2. Subtle Details

Any kind of contrast such as subtle piping or ribbon details will show up and also provides you with double the wardrobe options. This could just be black details on a gray suit. You might even find traditional suit jackets with fashion forward ruffle detail. Just make sure that you don't spend too much money because this will go out of style eventually.

3. Waist Bands

Defining the waist is very popular in fashion and is usually accomplished through belts. If you just want a typical suit jacket to show off your shape, then look for one with an inset waistband or stitching detail around the waist. You can also get suit jackets with built-in belts, but make sure it's in a matching color so it isn't too flashy.

4. Jacket Length

Jacket length trends also allow you to keep up with what is going on in the fashion world. Instead of a pant suit, go for a vintage inspired effect with a bolero jacket and matching dress suit. Just make sure that the bolero jacket is slightly longer so it isn't too dramatic. Short sleeve suits are a slightly more casual option. You can also get a looser boyfriend style jacket and just push up the sleeves for a retro inspired look.

5. New Button Down Shirts

Modern versions of button down shirts have a slightly more bohemian feeling. Look for pale neutrals or earth tones instead of a crisp white. You can also get a slightly softer fabric such as silk or polyester.

6. Tops

If you go with an elegant looking top, it doesn't have to be a button down shirt. The material still needs to be sophisticated so it will probably be dry clean only. Look for sweaters with a high but fashionable cowl neck or button details at the neck or sleeve. Plain pullovers can also be work appropriate if they're plain and in a dark color such as black. Then pair it with a dressier tweed pencil skirt.

7. Dresses

You can copy a few of the runway looks for your everyday look. Find a sweater dress, but make sure that it's thick enough to be office appropriate. You could wear this over fitted trousers or tights if it's long enough. You can also find dresses that mimic a blouse and pencil skirt for more of a vintage air. Stay away from fuller skirts or feminine details and stick with modern straight silhouettes.