Trying new diets are a way of life for many people, however shedding extra pounds is usually followed by gaining weight soon after quitting a diet. There are many popular diets which have been made by dieticians and while they may work for some people, others may not find success.

If you at least know some of the available diets you are likely to find one that will work for you. There are diets that are just to get in better health as well as ones that are more specific to an outcome such as a how to get a six pack diet. This article will mainly focus on a breif overview of diets that are for weight loss.

The first diet we will look at is the Atkins Diet. This diet is based on the theory that the intake of carbohydrates leads to the creation of insulin. This in turn leads to an increase in hunger and as a result you overeat and gain weight. Thus the main focus of the Atkins diet is on high fat, high protein and low carbohydrate food products. In this process with low intake of carbohydrates there will be a reduced appetite which would lead to the fats performing the function of creating energy

Another very effective and practical diet is the Pritikin Principle. This principle focuses on low fat, but high carbohydrate intake. The focus is on fruits, vegetables and fibrous grains. Moreover intake of fat is not to be greater than ten percent a day. It is based on the theory that eating healthy and low calories will result in weight loss as well as prevent heart disease.

To lose higher amounts of fat you can try the Zone Diet Plan theory. This diet for weight loss is concentrated on low carbohydrate, high protein and restricted fat intake. This diet strongly recommends a break up of an intake of 30 percent from proteins, 30 percent from fat and 40 percent carbohydrates.

The popular South Beach Diet focuses on the fact that the fats and the carbohydrates need to be eliminated from your diet. Thus it concentrates on low fat, low carbohydrate and a high protein diet. It clearly says that the fats and the starches which are eaten are processed into the bloodstream and results in an increase in weight.

Then there is also the Ornish Diet. The main goal of this diet was to work on a reverse for heart disease. The consumption pattern was emphasized on complex carbohydrates, low total fat and limited saturated fat and sugars and thus aids the process in weight loss.

If you don’t want to avoid the vital and essential nutrients in your daily meals then one of the most suggested options here is Nutri-system Advanced. This diet emphasizes in being high fiber, high protein and low in glycemic index.

A cool alternative here is also weight watchers. This is basically a program of which an individual can be a member of. There are two diet plans which are available in this program i.e. the Core Plan and the Flex Plan. The Core plan is on the basis of science of the energy density that is amount of calories which is there in a given weight in the amount of food. The Flex plan is a version of the POINTS system which is on the basis of remaining within the points which is recommended according to the day.

Now that you know of a variety of different diets you can try you should be able to find one that works for you. They are all popular because people have had success with them, you just have to find out if it is right for you and your body.