You probably know everything you need about how to keep your plants growing and staying healthy in your garden by providing them with good soil, watering them and allowing them to get enough of sunlight.

Are you aware of what professional garden tools you could use to make gardening a lot easier and fun? Using professional garden tools will have a positive effect on the health of the plants while helping in taking good care of them.Using the wrong tools might injure the plants or cut your plants and in some cases totally plug them out from the soil.

You need to avoid any accidents and this can be done by using professional garden tools that are specifically designed for this kind of work.Here is a list of the best tools that are available in the market.By using these you can provide better care for your plants in the garden and make gardening more fun as well.

A mattock is a garden tool that is used for working around established trees and the roots.It breaks up the clay soils.No need for a pick or hoe and handles if you use a mattock instead.

A leaf sweeper is a really handy tool designed for smaller lawns.This is a eco-friendly garden tool that does not use electricity or petrol to work.It simply uses a brush that rotates after it is set into motion.Because it is quiet it does not upset the neighbors with any loud noise like a normal leaf blower would.

The spading fork can be used for transplanting and aerating, it makes splitting perennials and grasses a lot easier.In small gardens this tool does the job of a mulch, a sorting hay and a manure fork.

A garden shredder is also one of the professional garden tools that you might need to make shredding of leaves and larger branches easy.It has a high power motor and has a silent crushing system.Some models have in-built wheels for increased portability.

The hedge trimmer is very useful in trimming hedges and it also helps in plant pruning.

A cultivator is used for pulverizing the soil and helps extensively in preparing flowerbeds and vegetable plots.This tool is available with a free border edger which makes it perfect for aerating and cleaning the moss.

The lawn mover is of course the tool you need to use for moving the lawn.It uses revolving blades to cut a lawn to an even length.There are many different models and designs of lawn movers available in the market, a ride-on mower is the best choice for really large lawns and for smaller gardens a simple push lawn mower is enough.

Some of the professional garden tools like the leaf sweeper, garden shredder and the lawn mover are the most expensive ones.There is no need to purchase all these tools at once, sometimes you can borrow from your neighbor or friends.

Another thing you can do is to buy these tools as used.Go to eBay and search for garden tools and you will find everything you need often cheaper than you would in a supply store.Look for gardening tools in classifieds and yard sales as well.