Choosing a cheap divorce lawyer involves a lot of stress for all parties involved. If you choose the wrong divorce lawyer, you could be spending years making up for the losses, that could have been easily prevented if you had asked the right questions. Once you have selected a cheap divorce lawyer to deal with your case, you will want to ask the following important questions, which will eliminate potential and costly consequences to you and your family.


Things You Will Need About Selecting a Cheap Divorce Lawyer

1. Does your cheap divorce lawyer, actually have prior experience in your kind of divorce case?

Before you begin, you need to assess the type of divorce case you are going to be involved in. Divorce lawyers specialize in different types of cases and you need to choose an attorney who best suits your type of case. Just because you opt for a cheap divorce laywer, doesn't mean you have to settle for one that is incompetent too. You will have to choose between mediating and negotiating your divorce.

If you are going to deal with a drag out litigation, then you will not need a mediation lawyer to protect your personal interests. Keep in mind, although you would like find an ideal cheap divorce lawyer due to cost constraints, the reality, you may end up paying a premium price for them to handle your case. Due your own due diliegence and call up the law office to find out the kind of cases he deals in.

2. What are your fees?

Most of the divorce lawyers will charge an hourly rate depending on their experience and other factors such as the town the Court is situated in. When hiring a cheap divorce lawyer, you should get a contract that states his fees and when he should be paid. Few of them charge a flat fee which implies a set amount of money irrespective of how many hours they work on the case.

Lawyer fees can be negotiable, even so called cheap divorce lawyers.

3. Will other attorneys in your firm be working on the case?

You may want to know the basic arrangement if multiple lawyers are going to be dealing with your case. The reason for that, is because adding on additional lawyers, can easily increase the cost significantly. Just because you want and need a cheap divorce lawyer, doesn't mean you will end up with one.

4. Are there any hidden costs beyond the fees?

Divorce attorneys, even a cheap divorce lawyer, are used to dealing with various people from other departments such as forensic accountants, investigators and other experts. A range of expenses can be expected when dealing with your case. Be sure to get the estimates before dealing with these people as costs may escalate and go beyond your means.

5. When will you be able to tell what I am entitled to if I have to go on trial?

Once all the facts are ascertained and established, your lawyer will have an idea as to what will happen if you go to trial. This is important since your lawyer will advise you whether to go for a settlement.

6. How will you approach my case?

Your attorney should be able to tell you whether you will settle or go to trial. You and your attorney should be in agreement about the tactics to use. This can especially complicated, depending on your own unique situation. You will need to consider, going into a divorce situation, things like, assets, childrend, and pensions etc.

7. How much do you practice family law?

Even an experienced cheap divorce lawyer, likely deals with other cases too. In a smaller community, you will want to hire an attorney who has as much knowledge as the opposing attorney.

A cheap divorce lawyer will lessen the burden you experience by attempting to win your divorce case. Getting a divorce is never an easy process for most people. By having some information ahead of time, you can lessen your mental stress during the process.  


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