Many of us have trouble trying to take a vacation, but thanks to travel sites like Orbitz and Hotwire, we can take off on a weekend getaway with a simple click of the mouse. A long weekend is a great way to rejuvenate as well as a wonderful way to explore the country. There are many great locations that are close enough to drive to and others that just a quick discounted flight will work for. If you just don't know where to go or what to do, take a look below at some of the great ideas for a weekend getaway:

1. Haunted Hotels
Give your adrenalin a rush while sleeping at one of the haunted hotels across the country. You can search for them online and might be surprised to see that some are closer than you expect. The spooky hotels offer guests an experience they won't find at the Holiday Inn and make great conversational topics when talking to friends about your latest trip.

2. College Campuses
If you or your child is gearing up for a college career, then spend a weekend taking in the sights of some of the local campuses. The campuses offer tours that are either guided or unguided and the surrounding area usually always has some exciting action.

3. Casinos
Yes, Las Vegas is the heart and soul for casino hotels, but if you do not want to travel that far look around you for some great casino hotels in your area. Many states offer gambling as part of their recreation and the hotels that are popping up in those states are massive and offer Las Vegas style gambling and accommodations.

4. Family Resorts
You can find family style resorts in almost every state. These resorts offer amusement and entertainment right in the hotel; most offer enough excitement that you never have to leave. When the family is getting restless and just needs a break, spend a weekend floating in the indoor swimming pool or relaxing in the hot tub.

5. Theme Parks
Theme parks are a great way to spend the weekend; you can find ones near you or catch a flight for one that is further away. Theme parks are great for all ages and offer something fun for everyone in the family. Most major theme parks have hotels or other nearby accommodations that offer transportation to and from the parks as well as discounted ticket prices.

6. Indoor Water Parks
When the weather is less than desirable in your area, spend your weekend at an indoor waterpark. You can enjoy the water slides, wave pools and swim up tiki bars in the dead of the winter; some will even have sunroofs that allow you to catch some rays during your stay.

7. The Beach
Beach hotels offer a great weekend getaway. The relaxing sound of the ocean can be hard from your balcony and the views are enough to sooth any stress. If you are not lucky enough to live close enough to a beach to drive, check out the last minute getaways for a huge discount.