Lego Mindstorms Teaches Criticial Skills For Earning Fantastic Money

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Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 is a toy that teaches you to build and program robots. If your kids are 10 years old or above, Lego Mindstorms will give them a jump-start on a high paying, fun career in the future. And your kids won't even know it because they'll be having so much fun learning and building. Lego Mindstorms has been designed in such a way that the depth and complex projects are great for adults, so if you are thinking of a career change, this is a great place to start.

  1. Mechanical Construction Skills. Follow the included instruction guide and you learn the creation process of a few starter robots. You will learn basic mechanical engineering in action as you connect axles to drive gears to motors to power a moving car. You will learn about levers, fulcrums, and pivot points that allow you to open and close claws. You will learn about axis rotations to move and turn robot arms. And this is just to get started. As you build your own robots, you'll develop and intuitive understanding of concepts like movement, force, and acceleration through playing and experimentation. The average salary of a Mechanical Engineer is $80,000.

  2. Computer Programming Skills. After you have created the body of your robot, you must breathe life into it by writing a software program. The software program will tell the robot Custom Lego Roverhow to move, what to see and sense, how to react. Lego has created their own programming language that is easy to understand and use. In fact, it is a bit like playing with Legos as you drag and drop programming instructions on a computer. This is a good introduction into the world of software and programming. Once you understand the basic principles of programming, you can easily transition this knowledge to other popular programming languages like Javascript, Python, Java, and C++. The average salary of a Software Engineer is $90,000.

  3. Goal Completion Reinforcement. The most important quality of any employee is the ability to get things done. No matter how smart or talented you may be, at the end of the day, your vocational value is based on your ability to get your work done. When you have an idea for a robot, or when you see an example of a robot to build, you make a goal for yourself. With concentration and focus, you bring your idea into this world and bring it to life. For some ideas on robots and goals to make, check out my favorite introductory book on Mindstorms.

  4. Accelerated Learning Programs in School. Although the names differ between Happy Child Holding Lego Mindstorms Invention(55064)schools, many schools have program specifically for kids with extra talent and interest in learning. These programs often used things like mousetraps and ping-pong balls to build contraptions and encourage the students. The school programs have started using Lego sets and Lego Mindstorms to teach inspire the kids. This Google search shows you what I'm talking about.

  5. Problem Solving Skills. All employment is based around solving problems. You pay to solve the problem of needing shelter, the problem of needing clothes, and the problem of Happy Child Holding Lego Mindstorms Inventionbeing bored. As you are designing and creating a robot, you will run into problems that need to solve, both mechanical and in the software. Why does my robot fall over when it walks? Why doesn't my rover detect the wall? Why doesn't my scorpion close its claws when it catches its prey? Often times, there will be many ways to solve a specific problem. Working and experimenting with what works and what doesn't helps build confidence in solving pratical problems.

  6. Inventing and Entrepreneurial Skills. The kind of successful career you want for your kids doesn't involve them working at Mc. Donalds. Or at least not forever. The wealthiest, most successful people are those that create new things. Building, dreaming, constructing, and imaging are all critical skills for an entrepreneur. Any construction and creative toys are good for this, but I've found Lego Mindstorms particularly exceptional. Think about how much you played with Legos as a child and how much your kids currently love Legos.

  7. It's Where All The Good Jobs Will Be in the Future.  More and more jobs are based around technologyA Lego Mindstorm Robotic to Solve a Rubik's Cube and software. Ask yourself this question, “Do you think there will be less of a demand for people who know how to make robots and write software in future?” Robots are doing more things everyday for people in their homes and in their businesses. Encourage your kids to make the new robots of the future, rather than have their jobs replaced by them.

As a final note, I recognize that Legos are expensive. Lego Mindstorms can also be expensive. I searched ebay to find a good deal. I learned Lego Mindstorm kits are exceptional at retaining their value. In other words, after you buy Lego Mindstorms, you can always offload it at ebay if you need to, and sometimes make a profit. I struggled with the cost of the kit until I thought about the points that I've made in this article. I believe giving my kids exposure to computers is critical for their future success. Giving my kids exposure to Lego Mindstorms is just as important to help them in school now, and inventing and selling the robots of the future later.

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