Hearing is one of the five senses that helps us form an accurate picture of our environment. Each of our five senses picks up different types of stimuli which are then pieced together to form an image of the world as we perceive it. Even though the five basic senses are identical in construction in all humans and animals our perceptions, namely the way we interpret the data, can create very different pictures for each of us.

Although we are designed to use all our five senses, if one is damaged or completely lost we can still function though not as efficiently. Hearing may seem to be one of the least important senses, and one which would have the least impact on our lives if lost. Maybe this is one reason why we seem to take such little care of our hearing. Unfortunately, though, this is not the case.

Protecting your hearing in noisy environments, especially if you work in an enclosed area that has a high level of noise pollution, by using specially designed products such as those from the Peltor hearing protection line is crucial. Even if the environment may not seem noisy enough to damage your hearing, constant exposure to increased sound levels can result in long-term impairment or even completely irreversible hearing loss.

7 Reasons to Protect Your Hearing with Peltor Hearing Protection

Performance Graph1. Job performance

Irrespective of what line of work you are in, impaired hearing will have a serious impact on your job performance, as the main channel through which you receive information is through hearing. Whether in meetings, or in a workshop hearing is vital for efficient communication and therefore should be protected at all costs. There are many tools at your disposal, which should ideally be provided by your employer, such as the earmuffs from the Peltor hearing protection line designed to prevent any form of damage to such a sensitive organ.

Family Walking2. Family relationships

Initial tension can appear within a family as oftentimes one of the partners does not realize that the other is suffering from gradual hearing loss and may assume that they are being ignored. Once this issue is resolved and the partner understands that in fact it is a hearing impairment, strain is again eventually placed on the relationship because the sufferer's feelings of inadequacy are usually projected as anger and taken out on the partner.

Mental Health3. Emotional and mental health

Hearing impairment can significantly affect your emotional and mental health, especially your self confidence. When you find it difficult to communicate with other people, especially when it used to be something that could be done easily, strong emotions such as anger, may arise. As an independent person, when you find yourself completely reliant on someone else, you begin feeling inadequate as well as questioning your self-worth.

Hiking4. Physical health

Hearing loss is the result of damage to the delicate structures that make up our ear, such as the eardrum. Excessive noise can cause a lot of damage to both the eardrum, middle ear and even to the inner ear, which is often irreversible.

Socializing5. Social interaction

Unfortunately, loss of hearing can seriously change the way other people see you. Before understanding that you have a hearing impairment people will question your mental acuity, which can lead to strained relationships. You'll find it difficult to interact with other people as the main form of communication will be sign language, which many people do not know. And eventually you will begin to shy away from any form of social interaction due to the feelings of inadequacy that you suffer in the presence of others.

Hearing6. A vital alarm system

Our hearing is our naturally built in alarm system, as fluctuations in the normal sound patterns of our environment alert us to a possible threat. For example, when you hear that loud screech of breaks you tend to move faster to avoid an oncoming car that may not be able to stop in time.

Balance7. Balance

There is a tiny organ found in the inner ear known as the labyrinth which is an important part of our balance system. In conjunction with our visual and skeletal systems, the labyrinth helps us determine our orientation. If the labyrinth becomes damaged in any way a person may experience disorientation, dizziness, vertigo and many other symptoms associated with the balance disorder.

Hearing impairment can affect so many aspects of your life that it is crucial to protect such a valuable asset, especially when it is not that hard to do. Making sure you are properly equipped to work in noisy surroundings is vital, and using the high quality products from the Peltor hearing protection line will guarantee that you never have to suffer the effects of hearing impairment.