Are you looking to live in Arizona? I lived in Arizona my entire life. I have never lived anywhere else and don’t see myself doing so anytime soon. And, why is this? Here are my top reasons why anyone should choose to live in Arizona.

Live in Arizona


1) The Weather—Though we do have some hot summers, the rest of the seasons are terrific. We are not prone to hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. You can enjoy the heat of the southern cities such as Phoenix and Tucson, and within the same day drive up to the cool, refreshing air of Flagstaff, Payson and Sedona. Our weather makes it a perfect place to enjoy many outdoor activities. If you live in Arizona, you will have 6-7 months of nice weather. If it gets too hot, there are ways to learn to survive the hot Arizona heat.

2) Golf—Speaking of outdoor activities, there are over 300 golf courses to choose from. Located in various parts of the state, golfers can tee off in varying course terrains to test their skills all year round. If you can brave the heat, you can golf at deeply discounted rates.

3) Grand Canyon—We are home to one of the most breathtaking, nature-made wonders of the world. You can hop aboard the Grand Canyon Railway train, hike one of many, many trails and even explore the grand rapids of the Colorado River via river rafting. If you’d like to just take it easy, just taking photos and enjoying the scenery is enough to appreciate this state wonder and enjoy watching why people live in Arizona.

4) Arizona State University—With over 60,000 students attending four different campuses, there are many academic opportunities to explore. ASU is on the cutting edge of research, entrepreneurship and global impact. Students can engage in over 500 organizations and locals can enjoy compelling lectures from a variety of guest speakers and touring Broadway shows at Gammage Auditorium.

5) Housing—Even though the economy had a horrible effect on the housing market in Arizona, it’s still a great place to buy a home for a good price. With the economic downturn, once unobtainable homes are now priced to sell to those who can buy and invest in this climate. Many “snowbirds” find it a convenient, relaxing and great place to own a second home.

6) Politics—There is never a dull moment when it comes to the laws, rules and politics of Arizona. From education to immigration to guns, we’ve got something for everyone to either like or dislike. If you agree with the majority, then you will fit right in. If you disagree with the majority, then this is the perfect breeding ground to start your advocacy group.

7) Proximity to other great places to visit—Depending on where you live, you can get to California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and even Mexico within a day or two drive. San Diego and Los Angeles are easy drives for those looking to spend a nice weekend in the cool weather during the hot summer months of Arizona. Utah and Colorado give Arizonans a nice, wintry getaway for skiing and other snow activities. New Mexico and Mexico allow Arizonans to explore the Hispanic culture and divulge in authentic Spanish and Mexican food.

If you're looking to live in Arizona, be sure to explore the wonderful offerings of this state.