1) Portable air conditioners are considered a great addition to your home. Being portable, they could be placed anywhere and they won't need permanent installation. Also, they come with window venting kit so that the exhaust hose could be fixed easily to the windows to get the unit ready for use. They also come with caster wheels that will enhance the portability of the unit.

2) Portable air conditioners are movable units, so you can use them to cool specific regions like living room, workplace, hot upstairs bedroom and etc. They are really nice high end products with a cleaner look if compared to the bulky standard air conditioning units. They are a popular alternative to windows units, however, they have some disadvantages as they might seem little noisier than standard ac units since the compressor and the condenser are inside the unit.

3) The small portable air conditioning unit is called "windowless" since you won't need a window to install it. They can produce cool air that will make you feel more fresh, however, they won't decrease the room temperature that much because when the cold air blows from the front of the unit, the hot air blows from the back of the unit, so it is advisable to place the unit beside the wall so that it can blow out hot air outside your house.

4) Portable air conditioners are equipped with a special gravity drain hose to drain water effectively. It's also designed to use pumping accessories that can drain water, by pumping water upwards to drain it through the windows. They are slightly less powerful than standard ac units for many reasons. One of those reasons is that they have less BTU than other windows units, so if you decide to buy a portable unit, you should buy one that is higher than you need to get the cool air you really want.

5) The average cooling capacity of a portable ac unit is between to 5,000 to 16,000 BTUs. So, you don't have to buy too powerful one, because they will cycle off too quickly and thus they won't dehumidify air well. Most of portable air conditioners come include rollers so that you could place them anywhere you want easily and effortlessly. Some have a remote condenser that can be placed outside the window but it will not be a good choice, as the duct will radiate heat back to the room.

6) They are ideal for appartements and small homes and offices. Also they can be placed in rooms that don't receive adequate ventilation, this is because of their compact design that allows them to fit easily in any place. Also, you should know that some models will come with water tanks. These water tanks should be emptied when they are full, so take this into account when you are shopping for them.

7) Using a portable ac unit, you won't need to do any changes or work on the walls and the room. They are also very affordable as you can get a one for less than two hundred bucks and they won't need professional installation, so they are really a very cost-effective option.