Whether you buy a fixie or convert an old bike in your garage into a fixie, you will soon discover why so many people enjoy riding them. Fixies are not for everyone, but if you want to change things up and try something new and challenging then go ahead. Why should you ride a fixie? Well, here are 10 reasons why people like to ride fixies.

1. Simplicity

With a fixed gear bike there is less maintenance. There is less things to break. There is less chance of mechanical failure. A fixed bike is generally simpler and cheaper to maintain and fix. A fixie is often more durable than other styles of bikes.

2. Develop Better Cycling Form

Many newer riders do not keep the proper speed when pedaling. When riding a fixed gear bike it forces you to pedal because there is no coasting with a fixed gear bicycle; however, by forcing you to keep a higher cadence on the fast flats it will help you to develop a much better cycling form. This skill will allow you to ride all bikes much more efficiently.

3. Lose Weight

It seems like the only riders I see on fixies are skinny guys and girls. You don’t have to be skinny to ride a fixie. If you are overweight and start riding a fixed gear bicycle regularly then you will rapidly lose weight. You legs will also be very sexy!

Fixie RiderCredit: Flickr/TimothyJ

4. Faster Engage Times

When pedaling a geared bicycle there is a small delay between the time you begin pedaling and when the pawls engage. With a fixed gear bicycle there is no delay. As soon as you start pedaling the bicycle begins moving. It is only a tiny delay on most bikes, but when you switch to a fixed gear bicycle you will quickly recognize the benefit. It just feels good. It makes you feel powerful at least until you hit your first large hill on the fixie.

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5. Tricks

Remember how fun it was to send your bicycle into a huge skid! Well now it is often encouraged to the fixie rider. You can learn to do skids in the name of safety, track stands, bar spins and even riding backwards!

6. Zen

With a simple bike such as a fixie you feel closer to the road and the bike. When you are whizzing down the road on a fixie you can get into an almost Zen-like feeling. It can happen with all types of bikes, but it seems to be reported by avid fixie riders more often than someone on an adult tricycle. The Zen state can be best compared to the difference between driving a manual or automatic transmission in a car. It takes a bit longer to learn how to properly drive a manual, but once you do learn how you feel more attached and involved with the driving. You are a more active driver as opposed to a more passive driver. With a fixie you may become a more active rider and less passive.

I personally do not buy into the Fixie Zen talk. I simply think riding a Dixie is different…and different can be good and bad.

7. Aesthetics

Aesthetics are a popular reason to ride a fixie. The fixie bike often has smooth lines and looks beautiful without cables coming out of the frame everywhere.