As a western man wanting to date Filipina women, there will be several challenges that you would need to overcome. Contrary to western women, Asian girls have different notions about dating and this is mainly due to the cultural difference between east and west. So, if you are dating a Filipina woman and behaving the same way you do with western women, this might fail to impress her. When you want to impress a Filipina, here are seven important things that can help you: 

Be a Good Listener 

When you are conversing with a Filipina woman, listen to her and pay attention to what she says. They like men who give due importance to what they think, and they are turned off if you treat them like a dumb pretty face that has no brain. So, if you wish to impress your Filipina woman, be a good listener and encourage her to talk about her life, her likes and dislikes, etc. 

Look Good, Smell Good 

Nothing puts off a Filipina woman more than poor hygiene. If you have a bad odor then you will fail to impress her regardless of how good looking you are. So, make sure you bath regularly and wear good cologne. When you smell good, it adds to your personality and boosts your attractive appearance. So, if you are going on a date with a Filipina woman take care of your looks, and most importantly smell amazing to impress her. 

Give Importance to Her Family and Friends 

For a Filipina woman, family members and friends form a very important part of her life and she regards their opinion very highly. So, if they do not approve of the man she is dating with then you will have a hard time trying to impress her. Hence, we would recommend that you consider meeting her family and friends and work hard to get their consent. This will give you an added advantage. 

Always be Truthful and Honest 

Filipina women are very conservative in nature and they give a lot of importance to their relationships. They expect their partner also to respect the relationship and be honest to them. If you are truthful to her, she will highly regard this attribute. So, if you are seriously looking for a relationship with a Filipina woman, don’t be too casual, and avoid lying to her at all costs. 

Give Her Meaningful Gifts 

When you buy a gift for Filipina woman, make sure you don’t consider just the price but the meaning of the gift. If you thought you can impress a Filipina woman with expensive gifts and materialistic things then you are sadly mistaken. Instead, pay attention to what she likes while talking to her and buy something that is somewhat associated to her childhood or a memory she cherishes, and she will love you for that. 

Spend time! Make Her Feel Special 

Let the Filipina woman know how much you appreciate spending time with her. Make her feel special and ensure you spend some quality time knowing her more and listening to her. No matter how busy you are, when you squeeze some time out of your schedule just to listen to her voice or see her, she will be sure to appreciate your romantic gesture and there, you are a winner!