7 Signs He Wants to Propose But He Is Scared To!Credit: www.riflebirds.com

Men as we know them are certainly hard creatures to understand. While you may be having the most fine-looking and appealing boyfriend it can be difficult to discern whether he is willing to take your relationship to the next level by marrying you. Having been in a relationship for some time now, you certainly know him pretty well and you may be in a position to pinpoint something different about him from other men you have dated before.

But just wait a minute, how do you tell whether he’s looking for marriage or just a fling? Could he be petrified about popping that imperative question?

Here are 7 signs he wants to propose but he is scared to!

He is Uncertain of Your Feelings for Him…Your man could be having jitters to propose to you because he is not certain of your reaction once he pops the question. Let’s face it; men hate rejection, more so by women they adore. It would really break his heart if he learns that you don’t treasure him that much.

His Loyalty is Incomparable…Your man hardly ever flirts with other women and neither would you spot him doing it simply because he is loyal to you. He is also willing to spend some quality time with you more than anybody else. Given a chance, this guy would love to propose, but at present he’s just take pleasure in the good times because everything is just right between the two of you. What kind of woman do men adore? Well, men adore women who take the lead at times and can easily detect even the slightest of signs that he is willing to make things official.

He Happily Talks About Marriage…You man welcomes the topic of marriage with good grace. As a matter of fact he initiates the conversation revolving around marriage. This is one of the 7 signs that he wants to propose but is scared to. Read the signs girl! The reason why he is holding back could be attributed to the fact that it could as well be his first serious relationship so cut him some slack. In addition it is his responsibility to propose so allow him some ample time to prepare for everything.

He Will Gladly Put His Life on the Line for You…He may be over possessive, but the reason for his behavior is simply because he treasures you. This shows that he cares, and sees you as his future lifetime companion. It is upon you to let him see that you care for him too, or else he may take years before proposing. In fact, one of the ways to make him commit is by being the kind of girl he wants to hang around with, the kind of a girl he would lay down his life for.

 hes going to proposeCredit: thecontemporarychronicler.blog.com He is Not Certain What the Future Holds for the Two of You…This man may be head over heels for you but one of the 7 reasons he wants to propose but he is scared to is because he doesn’t know what is going to happen afterwards. One of the surest ways to detect this is by him asking you about your expectations and wants in marriage. The next time he asks you the same question, give him a straightforward respond so that he knows what to do. 

He is Still Contemplating over the Responsibilities That Come with Being Married…Save for some few cultures; men are universally expected to have more responsibilities than women once they get married. For instance he going to be the breadwinner, and is expected to keep his family together over the years. Literally his future is at stake, so understand him if he is taking a vigilant approach. 

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He is Unhurriedly Loading Up on Finances…He says that he’s already starting to save for your future whereas his savings are not sufficient. This could be the reason why he is taking too long to propose. In a nutshell he is not ready. Never force him to propose to you until such a time when he feels he is finically stable to handle a family.

Depending on the age bracket, majority of the women get into serious relationships with an aim of getting married at some point. Be on the lookout for the above highlighted signs, since they are certainly signs he wants to marry you but he is scared to present the question to you. Consequently, analyze what needs to be done to make him pop the question without forcing him.